Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phytospecific Vital Force Review

Well, here I go again on my quest to find a product that will replenish moisture and hydrate my hair.  I tried a mystery product a few weeks ago that had me looking like side show Bob before the days end.  I'm unable to tell you what the name of the product is because I don't even know myself (it was a trial for product development)  Anyhoo, my frizz factor was on high and my hair needed some serious TLC.  My sister's hair has been transitioning very well with her using the Phyto products (read the review)  So, I was more than happy to give the Phytospecific Vital Force Shampoo and Cream Bath  the chance to romance my tresses. 
Side Show Bob hair pulled up in a ponytail (FRIZZY!)

Phytospecific Vital Force Shampoo - is a pearlescent  rich emulsion that spreads on easy, gives a good lather & gently cleans the hair.  My hair was clean, soft and I could visibly see that my hair shaft was smoother. This shampoo delivered on hydration immediately thanks to ingredients such as Illipe butter, Mallow Extract, and Panthenol. I'm not a usually a fan of floral scents but the scent of this shampoo was very light and quite uplifting

after the Phytospecific Vita Force Shampoo ( a lot less frizz)

Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath - this is an ultra thick and rich cream that instantly softens and detangles the hair when applied.  The creams feels a bit slippery in the jar (not in an oily way, more like jelly) but once you get a scoop of it out, it is very easy to maneuver and not at all messy.  The ingredient content is highly concentrated in this formula which is why you can instantly see and feel the infusion process of the oils(Jojoba, seame & Shea butter) on the hair. So, whether you leave it on for the suggested 10 minute or opt for the 30 minute intensive treatment, your hair will be fortified , revitalized and nourished.  

after the Phytospecific Vita Force Creme Bath  (where's the frizz?)

I was so impressed with the results I decided to forgo any styling aids so I gave myself a quick braid out before I left home for an event.   Now, I only did this to see how the seal on the hair shaft would hold up, the next day I did apply a product that would give me some hold. It was a damp evening and my hair still didn't frizz up on me.  It remained soft, bouncy and shiny.   My curls have been very happy as I am moving into week 2 of using the products.   Oh and I can't forget, for my ingredient conscious ladies, the added bonus to these fab products: NO PARABENS, TRICLOSAN, SULFATES, SYNTHETIC DYES OR FRAGRANCES, PHTHALATES, GMO'S or PETROCHEMICAL.  

a slightly damp braid out( no styling products)

you can check out more of the Phyto products at Sephora.com
Phtyospecific Vital Force Shampoo, $24
Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath, $36

*product was given by PR for review consideration


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