Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series:Curls to Straight Review

Wintertime is when I opt to wear my hair straight more often then in any of the curly styles.  I have never had a problem with the structure of my curl pattern changing due to the continuous heat application needed to straighten my hair.  I attribute it to both having a stylist (my hubby) that doesn't put a lot of tension (excessive pulling on the hairshaft while hair is wet) on my hair during the blow drying process and of course good products.  I have experienced using a product that weighs down the hairshaft with a coating and so I am in need of a chelating shampoo in order to get the product totally off of my hair.  When that happens my curls are more wavy and just plain ol' disobedient to my style option.  Now, here is where I make a little confession: When I get a new product I like to try it on my sister first.  I do this because it allows me to see and manipulate the product better than I can do on myself.  She is very willing and trusting, as you can see from the pics below, I haven't let her down.

straightening natural hair

Recently we had the pleasure of trying Pantene Pro-V Curly Hair Series  which is "designed to deliver options for damage protection and long lasting curl definition with frizz control"  

(after the shampoo and conditioner)

Curls To Straight Shampoo - gave a good cleanse without any stripped squeaky feeling. Sometimes my sister has natural oil build up that weighs her hair down so occasionally a chelating shampoo is needed before a regular moisturizing shampoo. We didn't need to do that this time; her hair and scalp was thoroughly cleaned. There was a decrease in her frizz and the curl was just a bit more loose.
Curls to Straight Conditioner - softened and detangled upon contact.  Her hair was very manageable with just my fingers. The hair shaft was very smooth and soft so the comb pretty much glided through it.  We both kept acknowledging the immediate change we could see and feel  in the hair just after using these two products. You can see the curl definition in the pic above.

(after the creme and spray: blow dry w/ brush)

Anti-Frizz Straightening Creme - is a really light cream that binds onto the hair like water.  There was absolutely no trace of the product once it transferred from my hand to the hair.  
Heat protection & Shine Spray- is that string of pearls you put on to complete your classic look. I mean you can choose not to wear them and you will still look good but for some reason that one little string of pearls just makes everything POP!  

This line is certified Gorgeous! It delivers on all of its claims, of " addressing the unique need of  the curly hair structure...utilizing ingredients that work to control the movement of moisture in and out of the hair shaft and lubricating hair to minimize damage caused by fiber interaction "  If you aren't looking to straighten your tresses no worries, there is  Dry To Moisturized to keep your curls thoroughly nourished. Also, this extensive line offers six stylers and four treatments so there is something to meet the needs of all curly haircare and/or concerns.  You can find Pantene at most mass retailers and the price tag ranges from $3.99-$7.99.   
Check out the finished look below:

Pantene natural to straight hair

Pantene Curly to Straight

 Thank you to my sister who always trusts me to keep her hair looking it's best. Love you lots!!

* products supplied by a Company Rep for review consideration


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