Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pooka Pure & Simple Review

Pooka Pure and Simple is an absolute hit in my house. The products were tested by the men (well, one man and two boys)in my life as soon as they came out of the box.  Immediately, we were all impressed with the light smell and the fact that it was a multi use product (great for hair, scalp AND skin)  The Shea & Olive Hair butter went to work on keeping  afros soft, fades polished, and waves shining.  Everyone's skin was looking mighty fine also.  This immediate attraction sent me straight to the cabinet to read and try the products for myself.  I had been dealing with a winter cold and my skin and scalp were in need of some serious tlc.  Pooka Pure and Simple came to my rescue.

Shea and Olive Hair Butter is nice, light and blended to perfection.  A creme like texture that glides on and breaks down easily along the hairshaft and on the scalp.  You don't have to be concerned about oily residue because the product totally absorbed when it was applied.  A major plus for me is how great it has been on my son's skin. He tends to have eczema flare ups when the winter season rolls in.  The Shea & Olive Hair Butter has kept his itching at bay due to it's moisturizing  and soothing factor.  This product has been assigned to a neutral spot because it has already made it's way out of the house via hubby's bag.

Nectar Hair Oil & Treatment  is a great treatment oil. I used it on my scalp during a stimulating massage.  My scalp had been extremely itchy when I was midway through my severe cold, so I applied this oil then massaged my scalp and wrapped my hair up so my body heat could aid in the absorption.  The essential oils oils of lavender(soothing & calming), peppermint (stimulating) and lemon (antiseptic) eased my scalp and also helped for a better night sleep.  I think the lavender buds and rosemary floating around in the bottle has my son just over the top about this product.  Everyday, he request a few drops to rub into his hair.  I don't mind one bit because after he is done there aren't any oily handprints around the house and his hair and skin look and smell great.

Pooka Pure and Simple's collection extends to bodycare, footcare and candles.  The price point ranges from $10 (single product)- $70 (gift box).  The quality and combination of  ingredients + benefits = WIN! 

*this product was sent to me by a rep for review consideration

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


GoodGirlPR presents the first edition of the NBA Lounge Series. DJ Nickiee and the Golden State Warriors will host the exclusive gathering tonight, November 9th @10pm at the Soho House. Sponsors include Pooka Pure and Simple, Just 1 Touch, O.N.E. drinks, Rise and Fire by Gus Johnson, and Set Magazine
Please R.S.V.P. at rsvp@goodgirlpr.com
Receive event updates follow #nbaloungeseries on Twitter!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Phytospecific Vital Force Review

Well, here I go again on my quest to find a product that will replenish moisture and hydrate my hair.  I tried a mystery product a few weeks ago that had me looking like side show Bob before the days end.  I'm unable to tell you what the name of the product is because I don't even know myself (it was a trial for product development)  Anyhoo, my frizz factor was on high and my hair needed some serious TLC.  My sister's hair has been transitioning very well with her using the Phyto products (read the review)  So, I was more than happy to give the Phytospecific Vital Force Shampoo and Cream Bath  the chance to romance my tresses. 
Side Show Bob hair pulled up in a ponytail (FRIZZY!)

Phytospecific Vital Force Shampoo - is a pearlescent  rich emulsion that spreads on easy, gives a good lather & gently cleans the hair.  My hair was clean, soft and I could visibly see that my hair shaft was smoother. This shampoo delivered on hydration immediately thanks to ingredients such as Illipe butter, Mallow Extract, and Panthenol. I'm not a usually a fan of floral scents but the scent of this shampoo was very light and quite uplifting

after the Phytospecific Vita Force Shampoo ( a lot less frizz)

Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath - this is an ultra thick and rich cream that instantly softens and detangles the hair when applied.  The creams feels a bit slippery in the jar (not in an oily way, more like jelly) but once you get a scoop of it out, it is very easy to maneuver and not at all messy.  The ingredient content is highly concentrated in this formula which is why you can instantly see and feel the infusion process of the oils(Jojoba, seame & Shea butter) on the hair. So, whether you leave it on for the suggested 10 minute or opt for the 30 minute intensive treatment, your hair will be fortified , revitalized and nourished.  

after the Phytospecific Vita Force Creme Bath  (where's the frizz?)

I was so impressed with the results I decided to forgo any styling aids so I gave myself a quick braid out before I left home for an event.   Now, I only did this to see how the seal on the hair shaft would hold up, the next day I did apply a product that would give me some hold. It was a damp evening and my hair still didn't frizz up on me.  It remained soft, bouncy and shiny.   My curls have been very happy as I am moving into week 2 of using the products.   Oh and I can't forget, for my ingredient conscious ladies, the added bonus to these fab products: NO PARABENS, TRICLOSAN, SULFATES, SYNTHETIC DYES OR FRAGRANCES, PHTHALATES, GMO'S or PETROCHEMICAL.  

a slightly damp braid out( no styling products)

you can check out more of the Phyto products at Sephora.com
Phtyospecific Vital Force Shampoo, $24
Phytospecific Vital Force Creme Bath, $36

*product was given by PR for review consideration

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Jane Iredale Cleansing Accessories

When I was first introduced to Jane Iredale's cleansing accessories I knew I had to share with you.  The Magic Mitt was demonstrated to me with just the mitt, foundation and a bottle of water.  "This mitt COMPLETELY removes makeup without any cleanser" says the trainer  My interest is piqued, I need to see her pull this off with just a bottle of room temp water.  She proceeds to slide the mitt on, pour a bit of water on it, then remove a good portion of her foundation.  I watched intently and yes, the area she wiped was CLEAN.  So now I'm really into the demo.  She pours more water on the mitt where there is now foundation and it instantly rinses off, indeed she had a clean mitt.  All of this done with less than a quarter of the bottled water. So of course my question is: "How does the Magic happen?"   Well, the soft plush mitt is made from knitted micro fibers, that when wet, they create a hydro-mechanical process that breaks the surface tension of the oils that bond makeup to the skin.  The mitt easily sweeps away the emulsion while also gently exfoliating the skin.  I love this mitt, it even removes mascara! Now, remember this is a cleansing aid, so you still need to follow up with your normal skin care regimen after removing makeup with the mitt.   

Note** the directions suggest that you wash the mitt with warm water and hand soap after removing makeup to ensure all residue is removed as to prohibit any bacteria from forming

Next up was Dot the i, a cotton swab with pre measured makeup remover in the tube. When you snap the blue line the remover quickly drains into the other end of the swab. The remover which is formulated with botanical extracts including lavender, aloe and avena sativa (oat) provides calming, conditioning and soothing  to the even the most sensitive eyes (also safe for contact wearers).  There isn't any dripping so whether you are removing your eye makeup or needing to make a correction, your able to do so quick,clean, and easy.

I really love both products.  they deliver on their promises and packaging allows for travel convenience which is always a plus.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fashion comes to Harvard Yard September 25, 2010

Kembrel.com , an online shopping community unites with HerCampus, a popular online magazine catered towards college women, to bring a the next pop-up shop to Harvard University.  Students will be able to shop the latest clothing, accessories, and more. A portion of the proceeds from this event will support Freeze/HerCampus Harvard, a student organization.

Attendees will receive discounts up to 70% off latest fashions from Aryn K, French Connection, American Apparel, C&C, Neivz,  Maui & Sons, Dolce Vita, Life after Denim and more

 Saturday, September 25, 2010
12 noon to 5pm

Harvard University
The Democracy Center
45 Mount Auburn St
Cambridge,MA 02138

See you on the yard!!! 
Psst!, can't make it to the event? no worries! go check out Kembrel.com 's innovative online shop for amazing deals! 

I'm Back!!

Hey Gorgeous Ones, I'm back!! Sorry I have been away for a bit, but now school is back in session  I can talk to you all more.  The summer was great and last month I was able to get to New York twice in one week. Yes, one week, two visits, and three fun stops. So let me share:
My 1st stop:
Jones Magazine Fall Preview :
If you need to keep up, then keep up with these Joneses. Jones Magazine, "the insider's shopping guide for the woman who knows better"  is sure to do more than wet your palate, it will indeed quench your thirst for beauty and fashion. Their vision is fresh and honest; "We won't print anything we have not tried ourselves" says Editor, Tracey Ferguson. Jones Magazine is committed to being a trustworthy resource for it's readers.

"This is a magazine for the educated woman who is unapologetic about liking high end brands. She likes to travel, shops at boutiques, and is not ashamed to tell you that she loves the sale racks" -Tracey Ferguson, creator & editor

Get your copy on newsstands now and let me know what you think.  Also for your daily Jones check out the website: www.jonesmag.com 

My next stop: Hanging out with my friend Sam Fine. We talked shop a little and clowned a whole lot.   When we did get a little serious(not really) this is what came up:
1. As an artist it's important to set boundaries; know how much you are willing to give away for free. We don't think about the importance of protecting ourselves when it comes to sharing our knowledge.
2. Always be prepared to network! If you attend an event smile, say hello, mingle, and most importantly HAVE BUSINESS CARDS!!  Don't just expect people to come to you to find out who you are.
3. Manage your brand with integrity, be careful of your online content! Sam shared that several of his recent clients have commented on how professional he is on his social media sites. So, it goes back to that saying "You never know who is watching you"

My last stop:
I had to visit Makari on 125th to pick up a couple of my Iman Cosmetic favorites. I played with makeup and chatted with Makeup Artist, Douglas Snuggs.  Douglas was very attentive, he showed me some great combinations as well gave me endless suggestions as to how to get the most out of my Cote d' Azur palette.  He is quite knowledgeable and an absolute sweetheart, so go check him out if you are in the area (he works Thurs, Fri. & Sat)
                                                     52 West 125th Street NY, NY 10027
                                             Iman Cosmetics Makeup Artist, Douglas Snuggs

                                              Cote d' Azur and Luxury Liquid Liner (Sapphire)

My beautiful sister in love accompanied me but she lost herself in the wonder vintage shop B.O.R.N.  (Borrowed, Old, Refurbished and New). She was whisked into a fab styling experience by a resident stylist (I can't remember his name but I must get it, he was just wonderful)  I watched him pull gorgeous piece after piece, each one making my sister look like she was worthy of a haute magazine spread. Upon leaving we had the privilege and honor of speaking with Owner, Johnathan Broderick. He is an amazing man full of passion and vision.  SO! when you stop by Makari make your way back of the store to B.O.R.N.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Boston Pretty City, The Beauty Sample Sale Event- September 15, 2010

The Beauty Sample Sale Event Hits Beacon Hill September 15,2010
www.Boston.PrettyCity.com brings the best names in Boston beauty to The Estate

Come out and join Boston PrettyCity.com to sample some of the best in beauty products, services, and trends under one roof. You will enjoy complimentary treatments from dry styling and massages to make-up applications and skin care. Plus, each guest will receive one complimentary cocktail courtesy of Absolut Raspberri as well as sampling sweet treats from the candy buffet.  Each guest will also leave with a goodie bag featuring full sized products from KISS nails, KIND health bars, CoolOff, Rescue Remedy and more as well a variety of beauty samples.

WHEN: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 6-9pm
WHERE: The Estate Boston, 1 Boylston Pl., Boston MA 02115
RSVP: tickets are $25 & can be purchased at www.Boston.PrettyCity.com
(space is limited. must be 21 and present a valid photo ID to enter)

The gracious people at PrettyCity.com is giving 10 of you Gorgeous readers  in the Boston area a complimentary ticket into this fabulous event. So the first 10 people to post: full name & email address (one you check frequently) will receive a ticket. I look forward to seeing you there!!

about prettycity.com:
PrettyCity.com is a beauty, leisure, and wellness website devoted to making women everywhere prettier in some small way and richer in many big ways; by saving them money on the products and services they need to look and feel their best.  The site boasts  a comprehensive database of the country's top spas< salons, medspas, and more including editorial reviews, reader reviews, and service discounts plus product reviews, beauty trend stories and more.

Carolyn Brundage, a respected beauty expert, author, and entrepreneur, founded Pretty City Inc. in 2001 with the belief that, "Women can achieve more when they feel great about how they look and being your prettiest self is something to be proud of."  Since launching PrettyCity.com, Brundage has penned over 750 beauty and style columns and reviewed over 10,000 beauty products

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shea Moisture Review

Well I gave the Shea Moisture products a go and I have to say they just didn't do it for me.  Let me back up a bit and break it down product by product. I want to be fair and not generalize the results.
Brilliant Curl Shampoo: has a great coconut scent that is not too strong. the texture is smooth and spreads really well.  There isn't a lot of lather to the product but that's ok because my hair was gently cleaned and felt soft. I know with some people lots of lather means clean.  As my hubby says " I need to see some suds"  I assure you that the product does it's job of cleaning despite the minimal lather.

Curl Enhancing Smoothie: So this is the product I really had high hopes for. This is a thick cream that per the directions should be applied to damp hair. I tried it on both wet and damp hair.  The product just didn't work for me. It left a film on my hair and suprisingly wasn't as water soluble as I had hoped.  Usually if a product doesnt work for me I just rinse it out, the water breaks it down and it runs right off the hair. That was not the case with the smoothie; I had to shampoo my hair to completely remove the product.  On the positive side, it does smell good and it spreads well.

Deep Treatment Masque: A nice lightly scented cream full a good combination of ingredients that will help get sickly hair back on the road to recovery. I wasn't blown over by the results but I would use it again. I am even more interested to see the results on relaxed hair. 

The end result was that my hair wasn't AS dry as is was before I used the product. There wasn't a great hold so a bit of frizz did kick in after a few hours and again I had a film on my hair. 

Now, I couldn't just let this be the end so I passed the product over to my sister-in-love and here is what she said:  "I like the product a alot. My hair is soft, my curl is more defined and my hair feels more moisturized"   hmm! look at that.  It didn't work for me but it sure did work for her. 
                                                                  my gorgeous sister

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Woe Is Me, My Hair Is Dry!

My hair has been so dry due to the summer heat and a few visits to the pool.  A good deep treatment is in order.  Last week I had a conversation with my cousin about Shea Moisture, an all natural and organic haircare line. She raved about a deep treatment that is her favorite to date. Oh, I just had to find it, MY HAIR IS SO DRY! *its coughs*  My poor tresses, the daily moisture I apply is like giving a man in the desert one drop of water at a time. *he drinks quickly and hoarsely yells more! more!!*  

I took a trip to Target to grab the Deep Treatment Masque but also decided to try the products for thick, curly hair.  I will be trying them out this week and I will be back to tell you all about them and the amazing list of ingredients.  Until then, i will say this each product smells divine and check this out: NO Parabens, NO paraffin, NO gluten, NO Mineral oil, No sulfates and the list goes on and on. A full list when I do the review.

            I had to show you my dry hair *insert sad face*

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dermalogica Daylight Defense

                                        (solar booster defense, multivitamin bodyblock, solar shield & after sun repair)

We can all attest that this has been one HOT summer thus far. Those UVA and UVB rays are taking no prisoners so we have to take skin protection very seriously.  Dermalogica Daylight Defense($35) is a cool travel size kit that delivers both protection and skincare. 

Solar Defense Booster spf 30- can be worn alone or mixed with any of your favorite face products to deliver a nice boost.  This product boasts a nice a-list of vitamins & extracts that will calm, protect, and sooth your skin. Free radical damage doesn't stand a chance!

Multivitamin bodyblock spf 20- is a fragrance free and non greasy body moisturizer. It's light creamy texture allows for easy & even application. Your skin will surely be guarded against aging while being thoroughly nourished and hydrated.

Solar Shield spf 15- a water resistant conditioning stick that provides protection to the easy to burn areas (the lips,ears and nose).  it really does leave the leaves nice and soft without out any of that yucky film build up one might experience from other brands. Kudos to them for using the Castor seed oil as a base.

After Sun Repair- first let me say, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! why? It immediately cools and calms on contact and the aromatherapeutic blend of extracts will quickly relax your senses.  The soft gel texture  is not sticky, doesn't leave a film, and most importantly your skin will not feel tight after this product has dried.  So if you are looking to cool your sunburn and reduce any discomfort caused by sun exposure, this is the produce you need.

Dermalogica is an education based skincare line. It is designed and created to treat targeted skin issues such as aging, acne, etc. So make sure you check out their site for your skincare needs. I heard the Daily microfoliant ( a gentle rice based powder that smoothes & brightens)is amazing!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Phyto à Porter Frequent Use Collection Review

Several months ago while out and about I decided to browse the hair products at Sephora.  I came across the cutest little travel sets by Phyto.   The mini haircare collection kits are exclusive to Sephora and you have your choice of three categories: Dry hair, Color, or Frequent Use.  I chose the Frequent Use Collection to try on my sister who is transitioning from relaxed hair.  Oh, I can't go on without letting you know that I have heard amazing things about the PhytoSpecific Phytorelaxer,  a non chemical,egg and soya based relaxer that is good for all hair types (a review by Felicia on ThisThatBeauty)   Now, let me get back to the mini collection that delivered maximum results.  I"m going to list what was in the kit and how i felt about each one individually

Phytoprogenium Shampoo- is lightly scented clear with a serum texture. It spreads evenly and gives a good lather. The hair was thoroughly clean after 2 shampoos and there was no "squeaking".  I was impressed with the definition of my sisters's curl. The was minimal frizz and the shine was just grand. The first ingredient in this shampoo is marshmallow root (althaea officinalis) which is very well known for it's soothing and healing properties. This along with sweet almond oil (emollient) and olive leaf extract( astringent) ensured that my sister's hair was  both clean and softened. These factors were essential to my sister who tends to have a very dry scalp and oily hair.
Pytobaume- is a light cream that detangles wonderfully and does not leave a heavy film. It has an ingredient in it that will ensure "no static"  I used about a size of a quarter on her entire head. I do hope that they will reformulate and get the parabens out of this great product. Oh, I can't forget the mallow extract, which is an emollient that also protects.
Phyto7-  my favorite product of the collection.  I used just a tad bit bigger than pea size of the product before I blow dried the hair.  I have to say, as you can see from the pictures below, the shine on the hair was consistent from the start.  The hydrating cream just sealed the deal.  The product gave a good slip without leaving a film.  The hair was soft  and again the sheen was amazing. The power pack formulation of plant extracts ensure that the hair is softened, hydrated, and protected.

                                                                       (Phyto in action)

 These products will definitely be a staple in my sister's hair regimen.  I myself, have started using the Phyto7 and I picked up a bottle of the PhytoCurl Shampoo. I will be giving it a try very soon. As for the mini collection, it's definitely gorgeous approved.  I really adore the packaging also, the resealable case fits right in your hand which makes it easy for packing and travel.  A great product in a small package for an amazing value, $12!!                                   

Thursday, June 3, 2010

If you must play , then Play Pretty with Whipped Body Butter Creme

(t-b lemon orange fig, celedon, gingered jasmine, nohea ani, and island sorbet)

Play Pretty Whipped Body Butter Creme is a nature based, light, non greasy cream that glides on smooth and doesn't require multiple daily applications, which is a plus for me. I don't know about you but one thing that I find quite displeasing is a product that I have to keep applying throughout the day to" maybe" get the benefits it claims it can deliver.    This cream boasts a powerful blend of butters, essential oils, and plant extracts that is surely to help the skin attain all the nutrients it needs to maintain normal moisture levels and guard  against dryness and/or irritation often associated with various dermatitis' (mild to severe dry skin such as eczema, rosacea, etc). This is an answer to those tired, dry, cracked feet, stubborn ash, and unsightly knees and elbows. You will feel good and smell good while conquering the problems that may have overtaken your skin.  The luxurious scents grab hold of your olfactory and make you feel like you been air lifted to the tropics. Oh, I just can't get enough of the fresh lime scent in the Celedon! So if you need a stress fighter the aromatheraputic qualities these products offer will help to relax and/or uplift your mind and spirit.  
(light and creamy)

Play Pretty not only meets the needs we have of  keeping our skin smooth, vibrant, and healthy but get this:  There are no mineral oil or petroleum oil, harsh ingredients, parabens, drying sd alcohol or lanolin, which can be highly allergic.  So, for all of you looking for a more "green" alternative, this is a line for you.  The line has other wonderful products like Sugar Dew, a moisturizing body wash and Sugar Shea Scrub, all of which come in the delightful flavors pictured above.  Price point ranges from $15 to $25 which may seem like a splurge purchase for some but when my 10yr old son says "oh, now this lime one smells good , I will wear this lotion everyday" I call it a family investment (lol)  Play Pretty has also been husband approved "I don't know about the pretty but I am down for play, the lime, ginger, and fig smell real good".  So there you go, Play Pretty and share this great product with your whole family.

ABOUT PLAY PRETTY (excerpt from the site):

Play Pretty Beauty was launched by two sisters in October 2006.
Although truth is, neither sister thought their skin care woes would turn into a company! Since they were children, both sisters suffered from troubled skin - eczema, dry itchy patches and blotchiness. Nothing on the market seemed to help. As adults, the sisters spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution.
Then fate intervened. As a birthday gift, one sister received a natural remedy book that contained recipes for making homemade hair and body care products. She started making some of the recipes and shared the results with her sibling. Since both sisters loved to cook, they thought, why not try to 'cook up' a solution to their skin woes?
So they literally took to their kitchens and started blending up their own natural remedies. After countless batches, and 'test audiences' (friends, family, reluctant spouses) the sisters realized it was working - the itchiness and blotchy patches were gone and their skin had never felt so good! But what made their products different? It's simple: what they created in their kitchens didn't have the same harsh, irritating, synthetic ingredients and artificial colors other commercially made products did. It was a light bulb moment that sparked the sisters' desire to create a product line using only the best, nature-inspired ingredients.
The name Play Pretty came from something our grandmother used to say to us when we were children. Growing up, we were rough and tumble tomboys, always getting dirty, always climbing trees, always looking for our next big ‘adventure’ in Nanny’s backyard.

*disclaimer -this product was sent to me from a company representative  for review consideration. I am not affiliated nor have i been compensated for this review

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Gorgeous Find: Organix Cosmetix Eye & Neck Cream

On a recent trip to TJ Maxx I decided to check out the skincare because I have been on the lookout for a new eye cream.  The winter months caused some drying under my eyes and along with my inherited morning puffiness it's just not a good look for the start of my days.  So my quest for a thoroughly hydrated and smooth eye area had me reading the labels of every eye product on the shelves.  I was quite unimpressed with most of what I saw but I'm glad I didn't give up because Organix Cosmetic Eye & Neck Cream caught my attention once I hit the bottom shelf.  
The side of the box read NO:
-SLS, Mineral oil, Silicone
-Emulsifiers like peg
-Synthetic perfumes and dyes
-Fatty alcohols or acids
-Propylene Glycol
-Isoproyl Myristate

I'm thinking, if all of this was removed from the previous eye creams I read they would just be bottles barely filled with water.  My interest was piqued for sure now. This aloe based cream is infused with shea butter, organic oils & Swiss plant extracts that nourish, protects and soothes.  BINGO! it is just the product I have been looking for and it cost $7.99.  Oh, and the little spoon that comes with it is a plus (keeping your fingers out of the product reduces product contamination) Now fast forward five weeks, I have been using this product and I love it.  The cream glides on smoothly and has a cool sensation as it absorbs quickly.  My eyes are no longer dry and the puffiness disappears within 20 minutes after application. When I feel really tired and my eyes need a pick me up, I apply the cream under my eyes then place a cool towel over top for about 5 minutes.  I get a quick relaxing moment and my eyes are rejuvenated.  This was indeed a great buy.

I did a quick search online and depending on what site you buy it from the price ranges from $14.99 -$79.99 .  So again, this was indeed a GREAT buy! Check your local TJ Maxx first.

me one morning after using cream: no makeup, no puffiness

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soul Purpose's Happy Feet Collection

This is the season to get your feet sandal and flip flop ready and what better way than with a aroma therapeutic blend of French Lavender, Mediterranean Mint and other uplifting herbs.  I have been using the Happy Feet collection  by Soul Purpose for a few years now and I have to admit it really is the only product I  have been consistent in not changing.   Once I open a jar my senses are relaxed and ready for a spa experience.  The Happy Feet Collection is made up of four products that are packed with quality organic ingredients that have proven to work far beyond what the packaging says. What that means is this collection delivers multiple uses beyond it just being a foot product.
So here is the breakdown:

Foot Soak - has a  mineral salt base infused with various essential oils from the mint family.  This soak is full of anti inflammatory healing properties so it is great for relieving swollen tired feet and hands.  If your joints give you problems after a long day this soak will aid by helping to increase the circulation and relieving the incurred stress.

Foot Scrub - is great for feet and the body.  Vitamin rich oils softens, nourishes and smooths the skin while gently removing  dead skin cells.   Working this scrub in circular motions on your body will also penetrate those sore tired muscles, leaving you feeling cool and refreshed.

Organic Foot Cream - a wonderful cream  that cools, soothes, and smooths dry cracked skin.  This cream is also wonderful in aiding relief of sore muscles and joints.  If arthritis is an issue this is a wonderful cream that can help relieve the discomfort and stiffness that one sometimes experiences. Also, if you work on your feet all day rubbing the foot cream on your legs will help with keeping your circulation stimulated so when sitting you won't experience leg fatigue or cramping.

Foot Spray - I keep this in my bag during sandal wearing months.  This spray is wonderful for cooling and soothing hot feet, deodorizing sweaty feet, and relaxing tired feet.  The coolest thing about this product is it can be used as a pre treatment for a dry, itchy scalp.  The anti bacterial and astringent properties of witch hazel and tea tree oil  cleans the scalp, chamomile oil soothes, the mint oils stimulates, and aloe heals.  It's just a power packed multi use product!

The mint oils are a key factor in what makes this collection sing.  Here is a quick ingredient & benefits cheat sheet of the mint family oils that can be found in each of the products:
Eucalyptus -antiseptic, soothing, stimulating (promotes circulation) & relieves muscles
Menthol - antiseptic, astringent, soothing & cooling
Peppermint -antibacterial, stimulating, cooling & soothing
Spearmint - cleansing, healing, soothing & stimulating
Wintergreen- stimulating, relieves swelling, & freshens

The products can be bought individually ( price range $12-$30) or as full collection (pictured above, $75)

To aid my in home spa experience I make sure I have a natural bristle foot brush to apply the scrub (work in a circular motion to promote healthy blood flow & increase circulation), marbles to put in the foot bath (rolling your feet on them massages the pressure points and relieves stress), and warm towels( I wrap my feet after I massage so my pores can open up and receive the full benefits of the cream).  My feet are indeed happy after this soul Purpose experience.

disclaimer: i am affiliated with this company however i am not paid  or given any compensation for reviewing products. This is an honest review based upon my use of the is product

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liner

A quick trip over to CVS and look what I stumbled upon, Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner, pheew!, now that is a mouthful.  The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips line was not unfamiliar to me being that the eye popping colors of shadow strips targeted to specific eye color can be found at a vast number of stores.  However, I had never seen a gel liner as part of the collection. For less than $11 you get three nice detachable creamy liners labeled, natural, playful and dramatic.  There is a cool little diagram on the back of the box that gives you an idea on how you can wear each or all three of the liners.  A liner brush comes in the box and although it is not a a bad quality it's size and shape makes it difficult to achieve a defined line.   All in all this is a great buy! The liner is creamy, goes on smoothly, and delivers on long lasting wear.  The only downfall is that I have yet to find it in any other store, so I'm not sure if its exclusive to CVS.  When I checked recently they released a dual pack, the shimmer strip eyeshadow and gel liner for a whooping $14.95  yes, ladies, you need to get on this deal
front and back shots

the stackables come apart

 swatches down with brush included w/ liner

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion Review & Giveaway

A few months back I was asked to try Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion. I went over to their website to read about the product and my inner geek went straight to the ingredients page before I read anything else. You see I can have an experience with a product just by reading the ingredients. Immediately I saw that this lotion was one that was light in texture (water & aloe base) provided a protective barrier( 2 silicones) and delivered benefits like: hydrating, healing & soothing (vitamin E & herbs) Now per my previous post on reading labels all of these ingredients ranged from top to middle of ingredient list. So that means that this product might actually deliver on their claim: "Shielding lotion is a lotion that forms a protective barrier on the skin and keeps out irritants and chemicals. It also allows the natural oils and moisture to remain in the skin so it can heal better.

The product arrived and I was ready to give it a try. I had my husband try it first as the site said shielding lotion is great for the whole family. Upon applying the lotion hubby says "this stuff is like silk, goes on real smooth", he sniffs, gives a nod of approval and continues to use the lotion. I asked could he smell it and he said it was very slight so that was another plus for him since it didn't smell "all girly". Next I tried it on myself and my children. At first I felt like the lotion was too light in texture for my taste but that is only because I tend to use heavier creams during the cold months. The first week of using it, I needed to reapply during the day to aid the dry skin but by the next week not as much. The shielding lotion seems to respond as a treatment if used consistently. My toddler son developed a new case of eczema and I used this lotion as a reinforcement to aid in restoring back the moisture level in his skin. I have to say that the anti inflammatory properties really did deliver when I used it on my son. He had a serious flare up and when I used the lotion the inflammation went down which in turn smoothed the texture of the skin. So all in all I was pleased. I did try the product on my face and it was OK, my face didn't feel tight, dry or greasy. I wont be switching it out for my daily moisturizer but it is good to know if I need a quick little moisture pick me up I can grab a little of the shielding Lotion (with SPF 15). Honestly, my final impression of this product is that it would be a good staple to keep in my summer beach bag. A nice light textured lotion that will sooth, heal and protect skin from the sun exposure (comfrey ,chamomile extract and SPF) Now, the price tag on this product does sparkle a bit, 4oz for $18, $25 for the one with SPF. The site states that the product will last 1 to 2 months with daily use. Personally, I would probably buy it again since it was useful to my whole family and I feel it is what we all would enjoy during the summer months.

The Skin MD Natural though it has the word natural is not a 100% natural product. There are ingredients that are man made, derived from a natural source. The company does a good job of explaining their position : Why is Skin MD called "natural" (scroll down to bottom of the ingredient page) I have to admit this is probably one of the most honest explanations I have seen in a company give on formulation in a long while.
Skin MD Naturals would like to give you the opportunity to try their product. Go over to their site (click here), they have a lot of really good information, come back and post a comment(w/ your email address) telling us something you read of interest. One winner will be randomly selected and the company will ship you a full size product YAY!!
(contest will end April 22,2010)

Monday, March 29, 2010

CO Bigelow Product Review

Since 2007 I have been looking for a facial mask that would compliment my current skincare regimen. I was quite pleased when my girlfriend came over with a bag of beauty goodies for me (Hey, BB!) Inside, I found just what I was looking for and more. The first product I decided to try was the CO Bigelow Power Berry Mask. It's claim, to rescue and revitalize skin is exactly what my skin was needing in a product. My skin has been indeed going through a stage I am still trying to understand. Life changes, age and environment have all caused an instance where my skin and I need to get reacquainted. Dehydration sometimes finds a resting place which aids in occasional acne and a visible slightly raised texture. So in addition to drinking plenty of water, taking daily vitamins and making better food choices, I look for products that will help my skin find its healthy balance.
The Power Berry mask is a light antioxidant rich clay mask, not thick like some others I have used. The smooth texture allows for a quick and even application. The clay delivered a good cleaning and the acai extract kept up its bargain to soften and restore texture and tone. In the fifteen minutes I wore the mask my face never felt tight and after a warm rinse my skin was soft, supple and bright.

A couple of days later, I tried the CO Bigelow Rice & Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion and must say I absolutely love this product! The rice & bamboo are in a creamy base and when applied to the skin it instantly yet gently removes dead skin cells. You can definitely feel that this product is not lacking on ingredients that both nourish and soothes as it removes debris. I was quite pleased with how bright my skin looked as I worked the product over my face in a circular motion. It's claim to improve tone and texture leaving skin to look perfectly smooth and radiant, proved to me to be every bit of the truth. My skin was never tight or red which sometimes happens when a product is too abrasive. Instead this product produced an amazing healthy glow. This will be a definite staple in my regimen

Both of these products ring in at $18 each. I may get both of them but if not I will definitely spring for the the Rice & Bamboo. It just simply made my skin feel luxurious. Do you exfoliate? what are some of your skin challenges? leave a comment below it might make it into a featured post


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