Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Team Beauty "Win You're Own Product Line" Contest

On January 30th, I had the opportunity to pitch a product idea. Last week I was named in the Top 5 finalists. I need the publics votes in order to WIN. Please help me make this dream a reality.  I NEED you to click the link below, sign in/sign up to youtube, then click the "thumbs up" icon. This is important, if you are not signed in the votes will not count.  PLEASE! PLEASE! share this link on your facebook page, twitter and to your email contacts.  VOTE DAILY!!
My Idea: A line of body cocktails based on wine, like a Merlot Wine Bath, Chocolate Wine Body Glaze & a Chardonnay Elixir. All products will be formulated with supreme natural ingredients that will indeed nourish & hydrate your skin. Packed and presented with an eco-friendly program that will allow the customer to purchase refills for bottle reuse or purchase a soy candle to create a really cool home decor item.

Many Blessings

Aveeno Positively Ageless & Positively Radiant

One thing I love about going to see my mom is that she always has something new lurking in her beauty/ fashion stash.  Yes, Momma Gorgeous loves to shop and is not afraid to try something new. Whether it's a vintage sweater she nabbed while thrifting or some random beauty product that she "thought I would try and let you tell me if it's good".  Her cabinets always make me feel like a little girl again, only now I know exactly how to apply everything.  On a recent visit I found the Aveeno Positively Ageless Daily Cleansing Pads & Positively Radiant Anti-Wrinkle Cream   sitting on her shelf.  I had to give it a try and come tell you about it. The Pre moistened cleansing pads were a bit on the "juicy" side but there wasn't  any puddles or product running down my arm.  The light baby scent makes it pleasurable to smell and the lather is mild but effective in eliminating makeup and/or dirt. The duality of the pad is a plus; One side is textured for mild exfoliation (polishes the skin) and the other side is smooth (cleanse).  My skin felt clean, no tightening and was noticeably brighter. A huge win for me because winter weather slows my natural exfoliating process which tends to result in textured skin not pleasing to my eyes.  The pads are bigger than most pads I have seen to the point where you could cut them in half and stretch your supply without compromising it's benefits. Not, bad right?! especially for the affordable price of $6.  I would definitely keep this stocked in my house.  The jar is too big and bulky for travel, I do hope they do something about that. 
The Positively Radiant Anti-wrinkle Cream was alright. I mean  it didn't make my emotions bubble over with joy.   It's a light-medium weight cream, with a mild scent, spreads well and absorbs quickly.  My skin felt soft into the next morning.  Would I purchase again? Most likely not. I'm always turned off by skin care products that list sodium hydroxide (it's function is to soften the skin) in the ingredients.  So yeah, that's all I have to say about that one. 

textured & smooth sides of the cleasing pad

I am inclined to give more of the Aveeno skincare line a try. I've been a fan of the Oatmeal bath products for years and now I shall venture into other parts of the line.  What are your favorite Aveeno products? Tell Us in the comments...


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