Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Kids Take Growth Spurts to a New Level

 When my thirteen year old son walked  into my bedroom early morning and said "Mom, none of my sneakers fit." My first thought was "Ok, someone wants a new pair of sneakers. HA! Not happening! You don't need any right now."  Instead of stating this out loud I decided to have him elaborate on his announcement. "What do you mean none of them fit?" He informs me that his toes are at the top of every single sneaker he owns. "Mom, they don't fit." Silence falls and we both look sad. He's looking at me waiting for a solution and I'm looking at him in disbelief. Ooooh, I get it! He's joking *laughs* "Are you serious?" I am perplexed because his Uncle just gave him three pairs of sneakers. With this new expansion of  style choice and extended sizes, HOW could he be in this predicament?  Sizes 10 to 11.5 were "teen" tucked neatly in his closet just waiting to be the choice of the day.  "I'm so serious, Mom"  I had to go investigate because my head could not comprehend any of it.

  As he tried on every pair, we did the thumb test and I was on constant repeat "You sure? But How...? This makes no sense! Are you stretching your toes?" This child had indeed grown two shoe sizes overnight. WHO DOES THAT?! Apparently, my kid!! I'm still adjusting to the fact that he's in men shoes (and the price of those shoes!). Geesh! No slow motion growth for this kid, he stays on fast forward. Lawd! My baby went to bed and woke up with Sideshow Bob feet! 

Good thing for us, that same Uncle decided to gift him a pair of custom Nike KD-5  (purple sneaker in above pic) for doing very well this past school year. Pheeeew! Good thing I told him to buy  them a couple of sizes bigger.  What's next? Nevermind,  I've just been ankle flashed by my seven year old son. His jeans are somewhere between clam digger and capris. *sigh*   I get no break with my two human trees. Time for some school shopping

School is about to start, could this be a set up?  


Monday, August 19, 2013

8 Fun Hair Facts About My Natural Hair

I'm always asked the question, "How long have you been natural?"  When I answer "most of my life"  I tend to get a side eye like "Yeah, Girl whatever!" but then I'm bombarded with loads of product questions. Even in the moment of skepticism, my "secrets" are still on request for reveal. It's always been a tickling topic to me. Sometimes I have the "basher" (anyone and anything not natural is a problem!), the speudo educator (timelines and posts are their teacher. From their perspective, hairstylist don't know what they're talking about. 0_o) or (my fav) just a woman who likes to talk good haircare.  Many people tend to think that a series spectacular events happen in order for me to achieve the look/s they're inquiring about. Nope! Having been natural most of my life did not exclude me from the trial and error of finding out what works for my hair. However, being a hair professional and product trainer did make the journey a bit easier.  As per some of your inquiries, I thought I'd share a fun fact list of my journey along with my regimen. 

Cheeeeez! 18 months old and afro happy

1.I was a toddler rocking  huge afros. I really appreciate my mother for this. She had me wearing braid outs until first grade and I loved it!
2. As a child I maintained my curls with VASELINE and water. My edges and curls were LAID. I thought I had the secret until I went swimming and my hair turned white. My mother had to wash it out with dish detergent.
3. I've only worn a relaxer for 10yrs of my life (age13-23) *whispers* I'm going on 20yrs natural again. *winks*
4. I love hair color! I keep this strictly professional. 
5. People tend to think my hair is a wig or wig piece. I've been called some colorful names when I've replied "It's my natural hair."   One woman went as far as pointing me out to store patrons "she's a lying *BLEEP*" Geesh! She was mad!
6.There are NO holy grail products in my regimen. I switch up products all the time. When I find something I really like I keep it replenished but I still try other things.
7.My favorite hair tool is the Denman brush. A curly hair gift from the heavens. Amen! 
8. I am not a slave to my hair. 
Bonus fact: My husband usually colors, cuts and blow dries my hair. Who is spoiled? Meeeee!

Me today wearing a Wash and go

Daily:  leave in conditioner/moisturizer. During the summer I use products specific for sun protection.
Weekly: Shampoo and condition. During the winter when my scalp is most dry, I do a bi-weekly scalp treatment.
Monthly: I alternate with deep conditioners according to my hair needs. I usually use a protein reconstructor of some sort every other month.
Bi Monthly: IF I stick to it then this is when I trim my hair. 
Quarterly: Hair color. new or retouch depending on if I'm using permanent or demi permanant. 
Yearly: Once a year I take off about 4 inches.  I don't have a clue as to how that number became the target but for the last 5yrs that's what it has been.  

See! No tricks or special effects. Just two tired arms trying to maintain what is affectionately known as the gorgeous beast.  Are you natural or straight? How do you maintain your healthy hair? Share some of your favorite hair tips below. 


Friday, August 16, 2013

ABC Scandal: From Cowardice to Courageous?

photo: Scandalgladiators.tumblr.com

It has taken me one minute and an entire Scandal season later to really sit with this line. As I was watching the Scandal BET marathon on last Saturday, this line struck me like I had never heard it before. I am stunned! Let me tweet, then repeat that one more time: "What kind of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?" *fans self* Fitz is a BOSS! He is the giver of lip quivers, slow breathes and hot flashes. Undergarments don't stand a chance of staying dry with this kind of macking happening on "The Trail" (S1, Ep106). There are no more words to be spoken so they just hold hands. Sweaty hands. I'm sure. It was during their silence, the line began to marinate.  WOAH! WAIT ONE MINUTE!! Did he say "what kind of coward" as in there are a variety of choices?  Senator Grant's assertion of his cowardice behavior was more profound than we knew at that time. In one line this man desperately exhales "I settled, Courage is difficult for me, I need love, and I want every inch of YOU." GEESH! Instant heat and passion aside, what's a woman to do with that confession?  I'll take feed the passion for one thousand Alex.! Nooooo This is Olivia Pope! She will do what comes natural: fix him. She thinks he needs her and no matter the pain she is all in. Liv's perception on love is one minute past cracked, it's broken.

"One Minute" is more than just feeding the feel good, it's a brief moment of courage for Fitz.  The courage to live, love, and be loved in that moment. This courage allows him to reveal vulnerabilities which have been masked for years. We can surely blame his father Big Jerry for that.  Olivia would never use his character flaws against him for her own personal gain.  Liv unlike everyone else, doesn't have an agenda (although I feel she is someone else's. That's why she was sent in. *coughs* Rowan!) therefore she doesn't fight Fitz for what's best for her. She totally gets her cowardly lion. She believes in his greatness. He's strong, attractive, passionate and he has "superpowers". Olivia professed "I will eat, sleep, drink Fitzgerald Grant" and as my girl Awesomely Luvvie said "He surely ate Liv Pope"  Yes, indeed! Reciprocity has never looked so good in 60 seconds. The problem is, when they surpass that time span everything gets messy and the revelation remains the same.  Fitzgerald Grant is still a coward.

As promised, here is your Harrison fix. He is skeptical about this line too.

What do you think? Was I too harsh on Fitz? This is what happens during a long break and a stint in rehab. I may have a change of opinion next week. Give it to me Gladiators. What's your take on this line?

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

100 Scoopsies: A Blog for Ice Cream Lovers Everywhere

photo credit: 100Scoopsies.blogspot.com

Sometimes you can come across really amazing blogs when you least expect it. A few months ago, the most inviting ice cream pictures kept streaming through in my Facebook feed. Being a true lover of this frozen treat compelled me to do a little "research".  Two clicks later, I found 100 Scoopsies , a blog which follows the journey of two super adorable friends, Sarah Hayes and Cloe Jankowitz as they churn out 100 flavors of ice cream in one year. Can you imagine creating one hundred ice cream flavors in 365 days?  Me either, but I CAN imagine tasting them. Makes you wonder who gets to eat all of it, right? Get this! After every 20 flavors, the ladies have an ice cream social featuring their best flavors of the quarter. So then the question becomes, Where does one sign up for this delightful event?

These ladies both share a dream of one day having their own brand of ice cream and it looks like they are well on their way to attaining that dream.  Sarah and Cloe have come up with some unique and creative flavors like:
Coconut Curry Ice Cream
Chocolate Avocado Ice Cream
Blueberry Basil Ice Cream

Some of their creations have made me recall the fact that I have an ice cream maker tucked away somewhere.  I may one day actually pull it out to try one of their yummy recipes. I said "I may" which means this most likely won't happen in real life. What I will do in the meantime is continue to follow 100 Scoopsies. I wish Sarah and Chloe all the best and many blessings over this journey to having their own ice cream brand. You can do it! Uhm, yeah and about the social sign up? 

IF I were to attempt one of the Scoopsies recipes, I think Banana Chai would be one I would churn out. How about you? What Scoopsies flavor would you like to taste and/or make? 

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Obsession: I Love Clouds

Have you ever been drawn to something but you have no idea as to when the connection happened in your life? That's how I feel about clouds. I have a serious obsession with clouds. So much so that I will pull my car over to take pictures at any given time.  Sometimes I think it started when I was a child. I used to think we lived in God's mouth.  This is was how I interpreted "God is everywhere". To me, He was everywhere because we were forever present in His mouth.  In my little mind, clouds were God's way of  sending us signs and messages. If a cloud had a particular shape that I could identify that meant to pray for that thing. Yes, I prayed for many animals, a few old people and someone's car. LOL  I still giggle at how I made sense of these amazing forms of condensed water vapor.  After every giggle, a prayer follows. I give thanks for how I feel God spoke to me as a very small child. 

Like many young and old, I still  look for pictures within, count them as they float by, and shutter when they are in their warning colors.  No matter the climate or season, clouds bring me peace and happiness. Sometimes I'm that kid again, looking for a sign or message in a cloud. "Hi God! *giggles* "You've made some really nice ones today. *claps quietly*" I'll prop my head on my hands and just take in their beauty.  Although I'm an adult they still know how to touch my spirit in the same manner as years gone by. I don't know what it is that truly connects me to clouds but I'm so grateful for how they make me feel.  So, the next time your out I hope you see a cloud and if nothing else think of this post and smile.

Do you have any nature obsessions? Do you look for images in clouds? What are you connected to that brings you joy at any given time?


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