Friday, May 20, 2011

Queen Helene Royal Curl Review

At some point in time in our lives most of us have been introduced to Queen Helene. Whether it was the cool Mint Julep mask your mom would walk around the house in or the pink gel shared in the girl's bathroom to "slick down those edges", Queen Helene has long ruled the beauty cabinets.  Continuing in their commitment to remain a leader in health and beauty, Queen Helene Royal Curl enters the court. An all natural royal treatment rolled out in four great products.  Amino Acids, Vitamins and antioxidants are just some of the power packed nutrients that round out this royal formula which is sure to nourish and tame your curls.  

Stay Clean Shampoo - a mild lather detangling formula which cleans unbelievably well.  My hair felt moisturized and had a wonderful sheen.  Did I say it DETANGLES?

Moisture Rich Conditioner-  this conditioner can be rinsed out or left in depending on the density of your hair type.  This light formula will soften, add shine and work out any tangles that the shampoo missed.  If you're looking for a daily maintenance moisturizer to protect those ends.  This is a product to consider because it does it's job without any residue.

Curl Shaping Creme- although it's called a creme it is more like a gel in texture. The holding power is AMAZING! I didn't put anything in my hair other than water (mist) for four days.  Now, it's important to follow the directions "a dime size per section"  my hair is thick so I did more like a quarter and it dried a tad bit crunchy (lol)  Still, even with that mishap I didn't have any flaking or residue on my hair or scalp

Smoothing Oil - i'm not a huge fan of oil products because I tend to get breakouts on my face (around the hairline) when I use them. This product was no different on ME.  Although I like the light formula, scent and its humectant factor.  I will only use it as a hot oil treatment.  

All in all my hair and I are well pleased with our Royal experience(take a look at the pics below)  So if you're looking for an all natural product ("No harsh, or drying chemicals like alcohol, sulfates, petrolatum, parabens or phthalates")  that delivers on it's claims, smells good, and has a modest price point of $8.99 this is for you. The product hasnt hit the shelves yet but you can get it on the site, click here

(shampoo, conditioned & gel

 (diffused, no stretching)
 (Day2 ~ just a tiny bit of smoothing oil to wake up curl)

(Day3~ no product added just mist w/ water for twist out)

*product samples courtesy of BeautySat


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