Monday, November 23, 2009

Stila's $25 Brush Set

Now this is a DEAL!! A few years ago, while browsing the makeup department in Saks I decided to try some brushes. Ok, You know how all of a sudden you need some new stuff when all you are supposed to be doing is passing through. Well, that was me and it was only supposed to be a lip brush. Someone pulled out the #30 double ended shadow brush on me and i had to see more, feel more and you know the rest. An hour and a nice grip of a bill later I had 5 brushes that I loved. Nice comfortable long hands and incredibly soft natural bristles cut and shaped just right for picking up your color and delivering on application. This is definitely a key ingredient your gorgeous needs. You will feel like a Pro when you get your hands on these tools.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loreal H.I.P Haul

                                  (l-r: Duos in Brazen, Shady, Magnetic, Showy & Color Chrome Liner in Violet and Gold)
A quick stop at Walgreen's for some children's cold medicine turned into a return visit for a nice collection of L'Oreal H.I.P. I just could not resist when I saw the bright orange signs "blinking" BUY ONE,GET ONE FREE!! So, this was the perfect time to add to what I have. My lonely duo in Roaring (the blue is poppin!) now has some relatives to hang out with in the makeup bag. I love H.I.P (which stands for high intensity pigments) it delivers on just that. Color goes on smooth, vibrant and it has staying power to the max! I made up my mind to just grab the first colors (2 duos)that caught my eye and then Did it work? No because as you can see from the picture I walked out of there with 6 products. All for the eyes!! My love for mixing and improvising surely did not leave my cheeks and lips out of the fun (see pic below).

Can I just tell you the Color Chrome Liners are AMAZING!! The quality of these pencils definitely can compete with some of the higher end brands. The pencil glides on like a cream so there is no dragging of the skin. It stays exactly where you put it and the metallic finish is just gorgeous. 

 I want to here from you G.I's: Do you use H.I.P? what is your favorite from the line?

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, Sally Girl!

This weekend I found myself in a few beauty supply stores roaming the aisles for something new to try. I really do try and support the local businesses but I have no tolerance for poor customer service. so out of one establishment and into Sally's I went. The sales girl was sooo nice ( real sweet voice) she greeted me and then said "Oh, have you tried the Sally Girl yet?" No I hadn't tried it yet but I had seen and heard of it, those tiny nail polish bottles are way too cute. All the little tags smiled a cool $.99. Wait!, is this a sale? " No, the price ranges from $.99-$1.99" there was the sweet voice again. And here I am $6 and some tax later ready to give this a try.

Here's what I bought & what i thought about it (pic above l-r)
Mascara -Jet Black good for daily wear, kept the lashes separated. if your looking for drama this is not it.
Liquid Eyeliner -Jet Black smooth and precise
Eyeshadow quad -Gum Drops light pigment, i had to build like 3x to get what you see. primer is a must!
Sparkling Effects -Violet Vixen not a fan! it fell off before i was even done. may be better if mixed into something or used with a eye gel
Blush -Frenemy my favorite! i actually had to blend it down because it initially gave me more color than i had expected
Lip Gloss - Curfew glides on smoothly and not tacky. my lips were a little dry before i applied it and the gloss softened them up.

All in all i think this is a great line for teens. There are some goodies in the line for us women, especially those looking for a inexpensive way to make a modest makeup bag.

 So tell me have you tried it? what do you like best? if u haven't will you try it?, c'mon it's $.99!

Monday, November 9, 2009

OK, I always share the shopping love so I had to tell you all about Hautelook. Top Brands partner with this site to offer private sales on beauty, men, women, children and home at up to 75% off . You have to sign up (it's free!) on the site in order to shop the private events. Most sales only a few days, so again, make sure you sign up so you get the weekly notifications.
When I saw this pic in my inbox I was way too excited. Shu Uemura up to 55% off, that's bananas! and in just a couple of hrs things are going fast. so get on over there and check it out. Also this week: American Apparel, MD Skincare, Andrew Marc and many more brands.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

e.l.f Giveaway Winners!!

Congratulations to Lala_777 & Michelle M.L.!!! You will be receiving some E.L.F. goodies. Make sure you come back and tell us what you think.
This was my first giveaway and I am so excited beyond Thank you to everyone who came on over to post this week. Your support is what is going to keep TGI around for a very long time. I am preparing for more giveaways very soon. So please Stay tuned..

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soul Purpose Remede Hydrating Salve

If You carry two tubes of a product in your purse, does that mean your obsessed with it? Well the Soul Purpose Remede Hydrating Salve is that product makes me a suspect. A medium textured high powered cream that penetrates deep and aids in a multiple of issues. Got sunburn? Nose stuffed up? Feet looking a hot mess in your Choos? Hands dry from continued washing? Remede, delivers on all of it plus some. It's packed with ingredients (No synthetics) that heal, soothe, moisturize and hydrate. With this weather treating my skin like happy hour, free drinks before 11pm, I make sure I apply Remede daily to ensure I'm guarded and protected from environmental exposure. My skin thirsts no more and I'm even able to layer my favorite scented lotion over top of it. I have found the Remede to keeping my skin gorgeous.

Soul Purpose's Remede hydrating Salve, $15

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Black Opal Dual Lip Gloss Review

I was looking for a nice purple gloss and my sister surprised me with one a couple of weeks ago. Black Opal dual Lip Gloss in Screen Gems (fuschia/deep plum)has a great smooth texture but I feel like Iwould have to wear a lipstick or liner underneath for a smoother and polished look. The gloss is thick but not tacky at all, luv that. My lips kind of looked like they were peeling when I put on the deep plum, 1st pic(what do you think?) 2nd pic, fuschia, 3rd pic, both colors

My lips feel great when I have the gloss on and when I remove it because the formula is very moisturizing. I like the high shine, colors and feel, so Iwill give it go again but I will partner it with a base of some kind. A good drugstore find for under $6. I may try one of their other 5 shades.


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