Monday, January 11, 2010

Sam Fine Event with @ DEX NY

One can only imagine how happy I was when Mr. Sam Fine posted that he would be doing some classes. Oh, I was ready for a road trip for real. I put it up on Facebook and lawd if I didn't almost pass out when the first question was Who is He? So it was my civic duty not to allow the ladies to go another day and NOT know Sam Fine..geesh! I immediately put a link on my page still in disbelief. What kind of craziness had befallen my sistas that they were not aware of makeup artist extraordinaire Mr. Sam Fine. I remember when his book Fine Beauty launched, He was like the President Obama of makeup to us chocolate girls in lipstick world (cosmetic department) I remember a group of us going to Barnes & Noble on our lunch break to get our book and checking in with the others to make sure they had gotten We were so inspired, we probably all had higher sales that first month.

OK, back to my story! Sam posted he would be doing a event with at Dex New York. So, a road trip was definitely in order. Shout out to my husband who spontaneously decided to load the kids in the car and drive me to NYC, see that's why I call him my Haitian He is so supportive! My arrival to Dex was very pleasant. The hosts were very professional and attentive delivering on quality customer service. All the compliments from makeup artist, John Henry put the experience right over the top, he is so great for the Now, after a little mingling we were on to the classroom. In walks Mr. Sam Fine casually fly in his Tom Ford shirt, tie, vest, and jeans. He welcomes us so humbly and warm and then the Orbit Gum commercial smile (bling) he says " I have good news and I have bad news, what do u want first?" Now as you see from the picture below who can REALLY deliver bad news with that smile. The bad news: he didn't have the dvd's that we were supposed to receive that evening BUT he would personally sign & mail them with a gift. Doesn't sound bad to me at all, I thought it was an extremely kind gesture and he was truly apologetic. The man is truly a stand up guy "in it to win it!"

                                                       (sam delivers the "bad news"

Now down to business. Sam gets to know his audience; how many are artist and how many are real women. After that he begins answering questions. Out came my notebook, for some, their "uhm, are ya'll taping me?, the smile (bling) , uhm u can't do that, the smile (bling) and back to business. Sam has the ability to make everyone feel on the same level throughout his presentation. He graciously corrects the language a woman might use that would infer her inability to do something as well as allowing the person asking the question to actually answer their own question. He never moved on to another question until he knew that the person was clear and confident with the full understanding of the topic at hand. I really appreciate his desire to see that one is getting the answer/s needed to move on from whatever holds them, whether it's the inability to put on a lash, properly cover a mark , or simply find the confidence to move from one place to the next. Sam's delivery is warm yet funny, which makes you feel like he is both a brother and a friend. Yeah, he had to reel a few back in from jumping ahead or over confidently shouting out but he is clearly use to "how we do". Everything was done with class and humor. After an hour and a half of Q & A it was time for the demonstration and some "golden nuggets"
                                                       (Sam working on the model, Salina)

                                                                     (amazing right!)
Sam works effortlessly as he goes step by step explaining application and technique. He works in very short strokes of the hand which gives him the space and freedom to build his look. Of course every one wanted to know: what does the magician have in his hat? lol What brush is that your using? who makes that? What color is that called? Sam answers, but draws us back to what is REALLY important, mastering the technique. If Sam gave his whole kit it would make no difference to the artist if they have not mastered their technique. "Know YOURSELF, and commit to YOURSELF"; "You have to know who YOU are as an artist" These two phrases were delivered repeatedly with a passion and assurance of simply wanting each of us to be the best we can be. As I stated previously, Sam delivered golden nuggets. He fully shows his support to fellow artists and he displays that you are never to big to acknowledge and admonish those who opened doors and paved roads for you to get where you are. Bravo, Mr. Fine that shows integrity and an amazing amount of character. After the class was over Sam stayed and took a picture with every single person who wanted one. Such a sweet and kind man who I pray is continually blessed out of his (yeah, that's how my grandma would say it) I am happy to have met him and I know we will meet again. Until then, I need you all to please get the dvd( The Basics of Beauty, $24.99) it's amazing! Also, if you will, award season is coming and Sam will be BUSY ,so will you please post some comments just giving him a shout out (yes, he reads Oh, and uhm, Sam would you please give Monique a super HUG from TGI and let her know we are proud of her! She is beautiful and her accolades are well deserved.

                                                                 (Sam Fine & I)
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  1. how great to attend this event! I just ordered my dvd, can't wait!

  2. Hi TGI,

    You're the reason I do what I do! Thank you for an absolutely lovely review! I can't thank you enough for your kind words and constant support! I look forward to seeing you again soon!

    Sam Fine

  3. Awesome article, I wish i went now, my lip is poked out, but will definately invest in the dvd. Thanks Tara


  4. Aww I wanted to attend this event, but couldn't. i just watched the DVD the other day, which I got for christmas. It was great! I Can't wait for the next one.

    Great review.

  5. Good stuff! I love his dvd!



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