Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CVS Deals & Giveaway!!

I can never go into a store and NOT check out the beauty section. So my most recent trip to CVS was no exception. Now the funny thing about this visit was I was standing in between two women, both diligently checking off of a list as they added liner and lipsticks to their baskets. As I point to the sign, I ask aloud " Do you SEE this? 75% off, seriously?" one women pushed her glasses back up over the bridge of her nose and said " How on earth did I miss that?" She immediately contemplated her next move looking from the list to her basket; should she keep what she had or put it back? Meanwhile, the other lady looked at us as if we were paupers lost in an upscale department store. ( whateverrr!) Lady with the glasses and I began to find the comparable sale items to her list items. We even helped another beauty aisle visitor find a mascara suitable to her daily routine. Oh, I had a great time talking makeup with my beauty aisle Buddy. I invited her to check out TGI but she said she is tech illiterate, her hubby checks her email for her. She graciously thanked me and went on her way. I grabbed up a nice mix of products (see pic below) and not one item priced over $2.99. Now, let me tell you how I plan on creating two grab bags and sending it to two of YOU!! All you have to do is: follow this blog (box over on the right--->), then leave comment below telling me about your favorite drugstore beauty deal. Giveaway ends Friday, February 12 @ 11:59est (U.S residents only) **winners will be drawn randomly


  1. All you have to say is "CVS beauty sale" and my ears perk up like a prairie dog.

    Pitiful, ain't it?

    Past, present or future...they know how to get my dollars at CVS!

    My favorite sales there are the Buy One Get One Free (or 1/2 off). And I ALWAYS buy mascara that way. I usually buy a standard mascara and then one that I've been dying to try out :)

    I think they call that "PJ-ism" (Product Junkie-ism)! LOL

  2. Following with Google Friend Connect [Cheryl F. {The Lucky Ladybug}] -- My favorite drugstore beauty deal was a recent Revlon eyeshadow purchase that was free PLUS overage after CVS Extra Bucks and manufacturer's coupon :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  3. the Milani quads are really great. I love buying the 75% off at CVS, also, i like the buy one get one 50% off sales.



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