Monday, March 29, 2010

CO Bigelow Product Review

Since 2007 I have been looking for a facial mask that would compliment my current skincare regimen. I was quite pleased when my girlfriend came over with a bag of beauty goodies for me (Hey, BB!) Inside, I found just what I was looking for and more. The first product I decided to try was the CO Bigelow Power Berry Mask. It's claim, to rescue and revitalize skin is exactly what my skin was needing in a product. My skin has been indeed going through a stage I am still trying to understand. Life changes, age and environment have all caused an instance where my skin and I need to get reacquainted. Dehydration sometimes finds a resting place which aids in occasional acne and a visible slightly raised texture. So in addition to drinking plenty of water, taking daily vitamins and making better food choices, I look for products that will help my skin find its healthy balance.
The Power Berry mask is a light antioxidant rich clay mask, not thick like some others I have used. The smooth texture allows for a quick and even application. The clay delivered a good cleaning and the acai extract kept up its bargain to soften and restore texture and tone. In the fifteen minutes I wore the mask my face never felt tight and after a warm rinse my skin was soft, supple and bright.

A couple of days later, I tried the CO Bigelow Rice & Bamboo Gentle Dermabrasion and must say I absolutely love this product! The rice & bamboo are in a creamy base and when applied to the skin it instantly yet gently removes dead skin cells. You can definitely feel that this product is not lacking on ingredients that both nourish and soothes as it removes debris. I was quite pleased with how bright my skin looked as I worked the product over my face in a circular motion. It's claim to improve tone and texture leaving skin to look perfectly smooth and radiant, proved to me to be every bit of the truth. My skin was never tight or red which sometimes happens when a product is too abrasive. Instead this product produced an amazing healthy glow. This will be a definite staple in my regimen

Both of these products ring in at $18 each. I may get both of them but if not I will definitely spring for the the Rice & Bamboo. It just simply made my skin feel luxurious. Do you exfoliate? what are some of your skin challenges? leave a comment below it might make it into a featured post


  1. Love your review! Adding these to my list of products to try! :)

  2. oh my goodness, I love these products. I have several people hooked to them. they are great especially the mentha body wash.

  3. Attention C.O. Bigelow Fans. This Memorial Day Weekend is a special Friends & Family event to give back to Bigelow's loyal flock. Visit your local shop or phone in an order - mention the Friends & Family promo and you will save 25% off your entire order.

  4. I love CO Bigelow..they have a rose cold cream that I am in loooove! with!



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