Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pooka Pure & Simple Review

Pooka Pure and Simple is an absolute hit in my house. The products were tested by the men (well, one man and two boys)in my life as soon as they came out of the box.  Immediately, we were all impressed with the light smell and the fact that it was a multi use product (great for hair, scalp AND skin)  The Shea & Olive Hair butter went to work on keeping  afros soft, fades polished, and waves shining.  Everyone's skin was looking mighty fine also.  This immediate attraction sent me straight to the cabinet to read and try the products for myself.  I had been dealing with a winter cold and my skin and scalp were in need of some serious tlc.  Pooka Pure and Simple came to my rescue.

Shea and Olive Hair Butter is nice, light and blended to perfection.  A creme like texture that glides on and breaks down easily along the hairshaft and on the scalp.  You don't have to be concerned about oily residue because the product totally absorbed when it was applied.  A major plus for me is how great it has been on my son's skin. He tends to have eczema flare ups when the winter season rolls in.  The Shea & Olive Hair Butter has kept his itching at bay due to it's moisturizing  and soothing factor.  This product has been assigned to a neutral spot because it has already made it's way out of the house via hubby's bag.

Nectar Hair Oil & Treatment  is a great treatment oil. I used it on my scalp during a stimulating massage.  My scalp had been extremely itchy when I was midway through my severe cold, so I applied this oil then massaged my scalp and wrapped my hair up so my body heat could aid in the absorption.  The essential oils oils of lavender(soothing & calming), peppermint (stimulating) and lemon (antiseptic) eased my scalp and also helped for a better night sleep.  I think the lavender buds and rosemary floating around in the bottle has my son just over the top about this product.  Everyday, he request a few drops to rub into his hair.  I don't mind one bit because after he is done there aren't any oily handprints around the house and his hair and skin look and smell great.

Pooka Pure and Simple's collection extends to bodycare, footcare and candles.  The price point ranges from $10 (single product)- $70 (gift box).  The quality and combination of  ingredients + benefits = WIN! 

*this product was sent to me by a rep for review consideration


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