Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Relaxing Moment with Khreativ Soy Candles

 The kids are back in school which means the Fall morning chill is nipping at me. Terrycloth slippers give a warm caress to feet that are mildly shocked from the cool wood floor. Geesh! flip flops are a close but distant memory.  Both my mind and skin can use some Fall at home pampering, even if it's just a quick hand treatment. The fact that relaxation, although for a short moment, is still an option is just... *slooooow exhale*  So, as soon as the yellow bus is completely out of my peripheral, I do an amazing olympic back flip (don't believe that for one minute!)   However, I am liable to do some indescribable body jerk or an MJ spin as I grab my Khreativ Soy Kandle in Spa day.  There is nothing like an aromatic laundry session.  I kid, I kid! The only thing these hands will be doing is enjoying a quick cuticle treatment from the warm soy as my senses are soothed with  a calming balance of lemongrass, black currant, patchouli and sugar.  

*sips coffee*  How are you relaxing into Fall?  What are your favorite Fall scents?

About Kreativ Soy Candle: Khreativ Soy Kandles (KSK) are made from all natural pure soy wax and supports our economy through using "Made in America" soybeans. Our candles will not only provide the strongest scents , but burn cleaner (reduce soot) than your average paraffin candle.  Paraffin wax is derived from petroleum which makes soy wax the healthier choice in scenting your environment. 
 pricepoint ($2, tealights - $21, 16oz jar)

*product  provided by brand Rep


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