Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My love, My Family,Haiti!

12 year ago I married a man whose love absolutely sends me into orbit. I often refer to him as my Haitian Sensation. He is truly a man of strength with a drive to always do better & be better. I love all of who he is and where he originated. I have embraced both he and his country with my heart. I am so blessed to be apart of a wonderfully loving Haitian family that loves me as if I were born from its roots. Our hearts have been heavy, our mood sometimes sad, and our eyes teary due to the devastation that has befallen Haiti. The family has lost a few of its members and we still await word of loved ones that still have not been accounted for. We remain prayerful because that is what truly keeps our minds and spirit from an emotional place that is just indescribable. Haiti needs our help more than ever. However you choose to give please make sure that the organization is reputable. Every bit no matter how small will help. Many communities have and are planning drives to collect clothing and supplies please keep in mind when you are preparing a care box; shoes are greatly needed. In your prayers, please remember the areas outside of Port au Prince that still have not received aid. Haiti needs a miracle more than ever and I sure do believe in a God that is able!
sites for donations:
A gracious thank you to everyone that has shown so much love and support to Haiti. I have been moved to tears by many of my favorite bloggers who diligently tweet, blog, etc on all the safe ways to donate and/ or participate in some way that would aid in relief. Ladies, you have truly showed your heart of compassion, many blessings to you as you continue to be an inspiration. (Afrobella, brownbombshellbeauty, scandalousbeauty, beautylogicblog, kaimali and clumpsofmascara)
The picture above is courtesy of my 9yr old son. A few months ago he did a project in school that required him to make a crest representing his family heritage. I'm so proud of him!
The Lord's Prayer In Creole
Papa nou ki nan syel la,Nou mande pou yo toujou respekte non ou.Vin tabli gouvènman ou,pou yo volonte ou sou latè,tankou yo l nan siel la.Manje nou bezwen an, ban nou l jòdi a.Padonnen tout mal nou ,menm jan nou padonnen moun ki nou mal.Pa kité nou nan pozision pou n tonbé nan tantasion,men, délivré nou anba... Satan.[Pas, se pou ou tout otorite, tout pouvwaak tout lwanj, dépi tout tan ak pou tout tan.]Amèn. (Thank You Ana D!)


  1. yeah Garvelitos! I love his crest!

  2. How is your family doing? This tragedy was so devastating as I have very close Haitian friends and I felt so powerless!
    I hate how Haiti is not in the medias anymore :(



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