Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Gorgeous Find: Organix Cosmetix Eye & Neck Cream

On a recent trip to TJ Maxx I decided to check out the skincare because I have been on the lookout for a new eye cream.  The winter months caused some drying under my eyes and along with my inherited morning puffiness it's just not a good look for the start of my days.  So my quest for a thoroughly hydrated and smooth eye area had me reading the labels of every eye product on the shelves.  I was quite unimpressed with most of what I saw but I'm glad I didn't give up because Organix Cosmetic Eye & Neck Cream caught my attention once I hit the bottom shelf.  
The side of the box read NO:
-SLS, Mineral oil, Silicone
-Emulsifiers like peg
-Synthetic perfumes and dyes
-Fatty alcohols or acids
-Propylene Glycol
-Isoproyl Myristate

I'm thinking, if all of this was removed from the previous eye creams I read they would just be bottles barely filled with water.  My interest was piqued for sure now. This aloe based cream is infused with shea butter, organic oils & Swiss plant extracts that nourish, protects and soothes.  BINGO! it is just the product I have been looking for and it cost $7.99.  Oh, and the little spoon that comes with it is a plus (keeping your fingers out of the product reduces product contamination) Now fast forward five weeks, I have been using this product and I love it.  The cream glides on smoothly and has a cool sensation as it absorbs quickly.  My eyes are no longer dry and the puffiness disappears within 20 minutes after application. When I feel really tired and my eyes need a pick me up, I apply the cream under my eyes then place a cool towel over top for about 5 minutes.  I get a quick relaxing moment and my eyes are rejuvenated.  This was indeed a great buy.

I did a quick search online and depending on what site you buy it from the price ranges from $14.99 -$79.99 .  So again, this was indeed a GREAT buy! Check your local TJ Maxx first.

me one morning after using cream: no makeup, no puffiness


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