Thursday, June 3, 2010

If you must play , then Play Pretty with Whipped Body Butter Creme

(t-b lemon orange fig, celedon, gingered jasmine, nohea ani, and island sorbet)

Play Pretty Whipped Body Butter Creme is a nature based, light, non greasy cream that glides on smooth and doesn't require multiple daily applications, which is a plus for me. I don't know about you but one thing that I find quite displeasing is a product that I have to keep applying throughout the day to" maybe" get the benefits it claims it can deliver.    This cream boasts a powerful blend of butters, essential oils, and plant extracts that is surely to help the skin attain all the nutrients it needs to maintain normal moisture levels and guard  against dryness and/or irritation often associated with various dermatitis' (mild to severe dry skin such as eczema, rosacea, etc). This is an answer to those tired, dry, cracked feet, stubborn ash, and unsightly knees and elbows. You will feel good and smell good while conquering the problems that may have overtaken your skin.  The luxurious scents grab hold of your olfactory and make you feel like you been air lifted to the tropics. Oh, I just can't get enough of the fresh lime scent in the Celedon! So if you need a stress fighter the aromatheraputic qualities these products offer will help to relax and/or uplift your mind and spirit.  
(light and creamy)

Play Pretty not only meets the needs we have of  keeping our skin smooth, vibrant, and healthy but get this:  There are no mineral oil or petroleum oil, harsh ingredients, parabens, drying sd alcohol or lanolin, which can be highly allergic.  So, for all of you looking for a more "green" alternative, this is a line for you.  The line has other wonderful products like Sugar Dew, a moisturizing body wash and Sugar Shea Scrub, all of which come in the delightful flavors pictured above.  Price point ranges from $15 to $25 which may seem like a splurge purchase for some but when my 10yr old son says "oh, now this lime one smells good , I will wear this lotion everyday" I call it a family investment (lol)  Play Pretty has also been husband approved "I don't know about the pretty but I am down for play, the lime, ginger, and fig smell real good".  So there you go, Play Pretty and share this great product with your whole family.

ABOUT PLAY PRETTY (excerpt from the site):

Play Pretty Beauty was launched by two sisters in October 2006.
Although truth is, neither sister thought their skin care woes would turn into a company! Since they were children, both sisters suffered from troubled skin - eczema, dry itchy patches and blotchiness. Nothing on the market seemed to help. As adults, the sisters spent a lot of time and money trying to find a solution.
Then fate intervened. As a birthday gift, one sister received a natural remedy book that contained recipes for making homemade hair and body care products. She started making some of the recipes and shared the results with her sibling. Since both sisters loved to cook, they thought, why not try to 'cook up' a solution to their skin woes?
So they literally took to their kitchens and started blending up their own natural remedies. After countless batches, and 'test audiences' (friends, family, reluctant spouses) the sisters realized it was working - the itchiness and blotchy patches were gone and their skin had never felt so good! But what made their products different? It's simple: what they created in their kitchens didn't have the same harsh, irritating, synthetic ingredients and artificial colors other commercially made products did. It was a light bulb moment that sparked the sisters' desire to create a product line using only the best, nature-inspired ingredients.
The name Play Pretty came from something our grandmother used to say to us when we were children. Growing up, we were rough and tumble tomboys, always getting dirty, always climbing trees, always looking for our next big ‘adventure’ in Nanny’s backyard.

*disclaimer -this product was sent to me from a company representative  for review consideration. I am not affiliated nor have i been compensated for this review


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