Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dermalogica Daylight Defense

                                        (solar booster defense, multivitamin bodyblock, solar shield & after sun repair)

We can all attest that this has been one HOT summer thus far. Those UVA and UVB rays are taking no prisoners so we have to take skin protection very seriously.  Dermalogica Daylight Defense($35) is a cool travel size kit that delivers both protection and skincare. 

Solar Defense Booster spf 30- can be worn alone or mixed with any of your favorite face products to deliver a nice boost.  This product boasts a nice a-list of vitamins & extracts that will calm, protect, and sooth your skin. Free radical damage doesn't stand a chance!

Multivitamin bodyblock spf 20- is a fragrance free and non greasy body moisturizer. It's light creamy texture allows for easy & even application. Your skin will surely be guarded against aging while being thoroughly nourished and hydrated.

Solar Shield spf 15- a water resistant conditioning stick that provides protection to the easy to burn areas (the lips,ears and nose).  it really does leave the leaves nice and soft without out any of that yucky film build up one might experience from other brands. Kudos to them for using the Castor seed oil as a base.

After Sun Repair- first let me say, I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!! why? It immediately cools and calms on contact and the aromatherapeutic blend of extracts will quickly relax your senses.  The soft gel texture  is not sticky, doesn't leave a film, and most importantly your skin will not feel tight after this product has dried.  So if you are looking to cool your sunburn and reduce any discomfort caused by sun exposure, this is the produce you need.

Dermalogica is an education based skincare line. It is designed and created to treat targeted skin issues such as aging, acne, etc. So make sure you check out their site for your skincare needs. I heard the Daily microfoliant ( a gentle rice based powder that smoothes & brightens)is amazing!!


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