Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Oh Woe Is Me, My Hair Is Dry!

My hair has been so dry due to the summer heat and a few visits to the pool.  A good deep treatment is in order.  Last week I had a conversation with my cousin about Shea Moisture, an all natural and organic haircare line. She raved about a deep treatment that is her favorite to date. Oh, I just had to find it, MY HAIR IS SO DRY! *its coughs*  My poor tresses, the daily moisture I apply is like giving a man in the desert one drop of water at a time. *he drinks quickly and hoarsely yells more! more!!*  

I took a trip to Target to grab the Deep Treatment Masque but also decided to try the products for thick, curly hair.  I will be trying them out this week and I will be back to tell you all about them and the amazing list of ingredients.  Until then, i will say this each product smells divine and check this out: NO Parabens, NO paraffin, NO gluten, NO Mineral oil, No sulfates and the list goes on and on. A full list when I do the review.

            I had to show you my dry hair *insert sad face*


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