Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shea Moisture Review

Well I gave the Shea Moisture products a go and I have to say they just didn't do it for me.  Let me back up a bit and break it down product by product. I want to be fair and not generalize the results.
Brilliant Curl Shampoo: has a great coconut scent that is not too strong. the texture is smooth and spreads really well.  There isn't a lot of lather to the product but that's ok because my hair was gently cleaned and felt soft. I know with some people lots of lather means clean.  As my hubby says " I need to see some suds"  I assure you that the product does it's job of cleaning despite the minimal lather.

Curl Enhancing Smoothie: So this is the product I really had high hopes for. This is a thick cream that per the directions should be applied to damp hair. I tried it on both wet and damp hair.  The product just didn't work for me. It left a film on my hair and suprisingly wasn't as water soluble as I had hoped.  Usually if a product doesnt work for me I just rinse it out, the water breaks it down and it runs right off the hair. That was not the case with the smoothie; I had to shampoo my hair to completely remove the product.  On the positive side, it does smell good and it spreads well.

Deep Treatment Masque: A nice lightly scented cream full a good combination of ingredients that will help get sickly hair back on the road to recovery. I wasn't blown over by the results but I would use it again. I am even more interested to see the results on relaxed hair. 

The end result was that my hair wasn't AS dry as is was before I used the product. There wasn't a great hold so a bit of frizz did kick in after a few hours and again I had a film on my hair. 

Now, I couldn't just let this be the end so I passed the product over to my sister-in-love and here is what she said:  "I like the product a alot. My hair is soft, my curl is more defined and my hair feels more moisturized"   hmm! look at that.  It didn't work for me but it sure did work for her. 
                                                                  my gorgeous sister


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