Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects, My New Obsession

(Denim, Blue Ice, & Kitty,Kitty)

Have you ever seen something new in the store, bought it and then forgot about it? Well, that is what I did when the Sally Hansen Salon Effects first hit the shelf.  I saw the Laced Up (pics below) and fell in love.  Only the love was lost when the box was tossed and lost in my purse.  A few weeks ago I was going through my YouTube videos and Brittany from Clumps of Mascara had a tutorial (watch it).  So, I retrieved my Laced Up and I'm in love again!  I applied them on my road trip to NY.  Yes in a moving car, they are that easy to apply.  I don't normally polish my nails because my domestic and soccer mom duties just wont allow my nails to be great.  So I tend to opt for clean and clear nails.  Salon Effects has changed my nail game for good!  I wore them for 7 days  and I only had a few casualties due to a sharp toy.  By the time the few nails chipped, I had about a day or two left before I needed to remove them all.  So I put on a complimenting color polish and I still had a nice set of trendy nails.  This is also a cool tip that will work for the left over strips in the pack (16 strips per pk  won't allow for 2 full sets).  My nails were short so I was able to use one strip on two nails *fists pumps*  So that equals a certified economical win (trendy nails for less than $11)!!  

What's in the box?: 16 strips, file, orange stick & instructions  

Helpful Tips:
1.Make sure your nails are free of any oils or old polish before you apply
2.Smooth the design with your finger a few times, the "heat" will help the adhesive secure better
3.After you apply  the polish strips, let the nails "rest" a bit. It is a polish so let it set for longer wear
4.Remove with polish remover, it's that simple! (no stripping or tearing of the nail bed)
5. Look at your local drugstore ads for the Buy1, Get 1 deals and HAVE FUN!

Laced Up after 7 days of wear (washing dishes, cooking, cleaning & playing)

OK! I'm so hooked on these things.  They are the topic of conversation everywhere I go.  Even Momma Gorgeous had me take her to grab a few boxes. Have you tried them yet?  If so, tell us your favorite color or design...


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