Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Soul Purpose ~ Salon Red Hair Care

 Soul Purpose in collaboration with renowned Hairstylist and Educator Arthur Harris presents Salon Red, a multicultural natural haircare line fortified with Argan oil and silk amino acids.  This high quality botanical base line is successfully formulated to meet the needs of all hair types and textures.  So if your looking to quench the thirst of your dry tresses, simply maintain your healthy hair or treat yourself to an at home spa experience, Salon Red's quality formulation can provide just that and more for you AND your family (yes! it's child friendly)

 Hydrating Shampoo, 12oz $22:  is fortified with antioxidants, green tea extract, Acai Berry, Sugar Cane, Argan oil and silk amino acids. It provides defense to color-treated hair, filters harmful UV rays and is rich in antioxidants to protect hair. All natural, sulfate and paraben free. Adds moisture to dry chemically treated hair. Helps minimize breakage, detangles, enriches hair and evens porosity.

Moisturizing Conditioner, 12oz, $24:  is fortified with antioxidants, Argan oil, tea tree oil, green tea and silk amino acids.
Detangles hair, repairs surface porosity, hydrates hair helping to prevent dry brittleness and breaking of hair. Eliminates static charge and protects hair from harmful UV rays.

Nutri-Shine Hair Gloss, .5oz, $15: Promotes a healthy shine and prevents frizzy, dry and fly away hair. It's enriched with nutrient rich oils, butters, vitamin E., olive oil, shea butter & avocado butter. Promotes a healthy scalp and hair. A beautiful, healthy gloss for all hair types.

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