Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Red Lipstick is my affinity. It may have been passed down from my grandmother. Her beauty signature was red lips and Ferragamo pumps. It's not my signature but Ialways keep a tube close by. Red lipstick is that one beauty product that can instantly change my mood. Something about it makes me feel like i have a spectacular secret no one else knows about..lol I was so excited when Iopened my inbox and saw Three Custom Color Specialist A CENTURY IN RED LIP COLOR PALETTE. A palette of reds to celebrate the women of the 20th century. Each red represents a trend of a decade starting from the 1910's to the millennium. so fun!
Three Custom Color Specialist, A Century in Red Lip Color Palette, $45

*if you have favorite product that is discontinued and you cant' find a match or similar product anywhere, Three Custom Color Specialist has a great custom blending option. Their extensive database helps you find and duplicate your lost product. click

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