Thursday, October 22, 2009

Makeup in a Bottle keeps the face in place

When a womam puts alot of work into getting her face into gorgeous mode, she wants it to last all day long. She keeps her mirror close to makes sure nothing is running, smearing or fading. Well, Model in the Bottle will allow you to chill out and just enjoy the day with no touch ups needed. It's not bothered by humidity, absorbs excess oil, doesn't make your face sticky or tight and won't clog pores. Sounds like a bottled miracle, right? Well, it works and if you want to give your girl a spritz it's cool because this stuff is good for all skin types. This stuff is a must have!
How it works:
1. apply your makeup, let your mascara dry
2.hold MIAB about 12 inches from the face and spray 3-4 times
3. look gorgeous until you wash your makeup off!

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