Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soul Purpose Remede Hydrating Salve

If You carry two tubes of a product in your purse, does that mean your obsessed with it? Well the Soul Purpose Remede Hydrating Salve is that product makes me a suspect. A medium textured high powered cream that penetrates deep and aids in a multiple of issues. Got sunburn? Nose stuffed up? Feet looking a hot mess in your Choos? Hands dry from continued washing? Remede, delivers on all of it plus some. It's packed with ingredients (No synthetics) that heal, soothe, moisturize and hydrate. With this weather treating my skin like happy hour, free drinks before 11pm, I make sure I apply Remede daily to ensure I'm guarded and protected from environmental exposure. My skin thirsts no more and I'm even able to layer my favorite scented lotion over top of it. I have found the Remede to keeping my skin gorgeous.

Soul Purpose's Remede hydrating Salve, $15

1 comment:

  1. love love love this hydrating salve. I have 4-5 on rotation at any given time.. in the purse, in the bathroom, on the bedside table, at work.... etc...etc...etc...



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