Thursday, November 19, 2009

Loreal H.I.P Haul

                                  (l-r: Duos in Brazen, Shady, Magnetic, Showy & Color Chrome Liner in Violet and Gold)
A quick stop at Walgreen's for some children's cold medicine turned into a return visit for a nice collection of L'Oreal H.I.P. I just could not resist when I saw the bright orange signs "blinking" BUY ONE,GET ONE FREE!! So, this was the perfect time to add to what I have. My lonely duo in Roaring (the blue is poppin!) now has some relatives to hang out with in the makeup bag. I love H.I.P (which stands for high intensity pigments) it delivers on just that. Color goes on smooth, vibrant and it has staying power to the max! I made up my mind to just grab the first colors (2 duos)that caught my eye and then Did it work? No because as you can see from the picture I walked out of there with 6 products. All for the eyes!! My love for mixing and improvising surely did not leave my cheeks and lips out of the fun (see pic below).

Can I just tell you the Color Chrome Liners are AMAZING!! The quality of these pencils definitely can compete with some of the higher end brands. The pencil glides on like a cream so there is no dragging of the skin. It stays exactly where you put it and the metallic finish is just gorgeous. 

 I want to here from you G.I's: Do you use H.I.P? what is your favorite from the line?

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