Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oh, Sally Girl!

This weekend I found myself in a few beauty supply stores roaming the aisles for something new to try. I really do try and support the local businesses but I have no tolerance for poor customer service. so out of one establishment and into Sally's I went. The sales girl was sooo nice ( real sweet voice) she greeted me and then said "Oh, have you tried the Sally Girl yet?" No I hadn't tried it yet but I had seen and heard of it, those tiny nail polish bottles are way too cute. All the little tags smiled a cool $.99. Wait!, is this a sale? " No, the price ranges from $.99-$1.99" there was the sweet voice again. And here I am $6 and some tax later ready to give this a try.

Here's what I bought & what i thought about it (pic above l-r)
Mascara -Jet Black good for daily wear, kept the lashes separated. if your looking for drama this is not it.
Liquid Eyeliner -Jet Black smooth and precise
Eyeshadow quad -Gum Drops light pigment, i had to build like 3x to get what you see. primer is a must!
Sparkling Effects -Violet Vixen not a fan! it fell off before i was even done. may be better if mixed into something or used with a eye gel
Blush -Frenemy my favorite! i actually had to blend it down because it initially gave me more color than i had expected
Lip Gloss - Curfew glides on smoothly and not tacky. my lips were a little dry before i applied it and the gloss softened them up.

All in all i think this is a great line for teens. There are some goodies in the line for us women, especially those looking for a inexpensive way to make a modest makeup bag.

 So tell me have you tried it? what do you like best? if u haven't will you try it?, c'mon it's $.99!


  1. As always you look beautiful. I had not heard of Sally Girl before but next time I visit Sally's I will check it out! 99 cents is a steal.

    I also wanted to ask if you have tried Noodle Head products? If so can we please get you to give us a review? I would love to hear your take/experience on the product before we try it.

  2. That is part of the beyond the Zone line, right? I haven't tried it but i will because i am looking for something new to do my twist & knot outs.



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