Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Airbrushing gets personal (Spoiled Pretty review)

Not once have I had a conversation in the last year about makeup and someone NOT ask me about airbrushing. I haven't personally done it on myself or on any of my clients but I do love how it looks. It's just one of those techniques that i keep saying"yeah, I'll get around to it" then I see the price tag on the equipment and the idea gets pushed back only to resurface on the next makeup conversation. Well, I was over on twitter and Daneen from Spoiled Pretty linked her video review on the Temptu Airbrush Makeup System (only sold @ Sephora). Now, I had heard and even seen this but I hadn't heard of anyone that actually tried it. I mean even the girl at Sephora didn't sound too knowing when I asked if she had used it and what where her thoughts, moving on! So when I saw this vlog, I had to see if it were ok that I share it with you (THNX DANEEN!!) Don't let the $225 price tag scare you. It's a steal when you think about what some places charge for a one time application, I've seen up to $200 (that's nuts) Now you can have a flawless mess proof system that will have you looking like your favorite artist is getting you gorgeous everyday. check out the easy use of this system click here

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