Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Vitamins and our Skin

Protecting my skin from the elements has always been important to me. I remember when I was a kid, my mom and Nana would slather Vaseline all over my face. Had me shining so brightly but I couldn't feel a thing when the wind blew, a live walking oil slick. No chapped skin, blemishes or wrinkles, just shiny, baby soft skin. Well, the years have past and the climate has changed drastically. Age, motherhood and the environment is taking it's toll on my skin. I am not always a good girl with following the rules of : take a multi daily vitamin, eat well balanced meals and drink plenty of water. So to help balance out my shortcomings I pay attention to my vitamin intake via my skincare. I understand with all the ingredients loaded in a jar claiming to do this, that, and the other how can one possibly know what will work for them. I wanted to help by creating a simple cheat sheet on the benefits of some vitamins commonly found in skincare products. So here is a little vitamin 101.
Vitamins are nutrients that play a major role in the health of our skin. It is important that we ingest vitamins through various foods and supplements as well as incorporate them in our daily skincare. Correct intake and topical use will aid in keeping the skin healthy and resilient. A deficiency, due to lack of vitamins, can leave the skin dry, oily, blotchy and/or lifeless.
Vitamin A: (retinyl palmitate)protects against aging, dry, and rough skin by retaining moisture; also soothes and conditions
Vitamin C: (ascorbic acid) most potent vitamin, anti-toxin, promotes healing, rejuvenates the skin, and protects against UVA &UVB damage
Vitamin E: (tocopherol acetate) causes cell regeneration, aids as protection against skin damage, and is healing
Vitamin D: produced naturally in the body by the suns ultraviolet rays; absorbs into the skin and regulates calcium absorption
Vitamin D3: (cholecalciferol) a form of vitamin D that aids in the assimilation of calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin A
Vitamin K: (phytonadione) aids in blood clotting. this vitamin is used more in eye creams that help to lighten dark circles. it's said to perform best when paired with vitamin A
Vitamin B5: (panthenol) retains moisture and aids in skin cell metabolism
Niacin - (b complex vitamin) anti inflammatory, soothes irritated, dry skin, and retains moisture
Don't forget proper diet and nutrition is a ESSENTIAL for gorgeous, healthy skin!!
hhmm, I'm curious: the skincare product that you absolutely love, turn it over and tell us what vitamins are in it. who knows we may come to love it too!

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