Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Obsession: I Love Clouds

Have you ever been drawn to something but you have no idea as to when the connection happened in your life? That's how I feel about clouds. I have a serious obsession with clouds. So much so that I will pull my car over to take pictures at any given time.  Sometimes I think it started when I was a child. I used to think we lived in God's mouth.  This is was how I interpreted "God is everywhere". To me, He was everywhere because we were forever present in His mouth.  In my little mind, clouds were God's way of  sending us signs and messages. If a cloud had a particular shape that I could identify that meant to pray for that thing. Yes, I prayed for many animals, a few old people and someone's car. LOL  I still giggle at how I made sense of these amazing forms of condensed water vapor.  After every giggle, a prayer follows. I give thanks for how I feel God spoke to me as a very small child. 

Like many young and old, I still  look for pictures within, count them as they float by, and shutter when they are in their warning colors.  No matter the climate or season, clouds bring me peace and happiness. Sometimes I'm that kid again, looking for a sign or message in a cloud. "Hi God! *giggles* "You've made some really nice ones today. *claps quietly*" I'll prop my head on my hands and just take in their beauty.  Although I'm an adult they still know how to touch my spirit in the same manner as years gone by. I don't know what it is that truly connects me to clouds but I'm so grateful for how they make me feel.  So, the next time your out I hope you see a cloud and if nothing else think of this post and smile.

Do you have any nature obsessions? Do you look for images in clouds? What are you connected to that brings you joy at any given time?


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