Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Kids Take Growth Spurts to a New Level

 When my thirteen year old son walked  into my bedroom early morning and said "Mom, none of my sneakers fit." My first thought was "Ok, someone wants a new pair of sneakers. HA! Not happening! You don't need any right now."  Instead of stating this out loud I decided to have him elaborate on his announcement. "What do you mean none of them fit?" He informs me that his toes are at the top of every single sneaker he owns. "Mom, they don't fit." Silence falls and we both look sad. He's looking at me waiting for a solution and I'm looking at him in disbelief. Ooooh, I get it! He's joking *laughs* "Are you serious?" I am perplexed because his Uncle just gave him three pairs of sneakers. With this new expansion of  style choice and extended sizes, HOW could he be in this predicament?  Sizes 10 to 11.5 were "teen" tucked neatly in his closet just waiting to be the choice of the day.  "I'm so serious, Mom"  I had to go investigate because my head could not comprehend any of it.

  As he tried on every pair, we did the thumb test and I was on constant repeat "You sure? But How...? This makes no sense! Are you stretching your toes?" This child had indeed grown two shoe sizes overnight. WHO DOES THAT?! Apparently, my kid!! I'm still adjusting to the fact that he's in men shoes (and the price of those shoes!). Geesh! No slow motion growth for this kid, he stays on fast forward. Lawd! My baby went to bed and woke up with Sideshow Bob feet! 

Good thing for us, that same Uncle decided to gift him a pair of custom Nike KD-5  (purple sneaker in above pic) for doing very well this past school year. Pheeeew! Good thing I told him to buy  them a couple of sizes bigger.  What's next? Nevermind,  I've just been ankle flashed by my seven year old son. His jeans are somewhere between clam digger and capris. *sigh*   I get no break with my two human trees. Time for some school shopping

School is about to start, could this be a set up?  



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