Monday, August 19, 2013

8 Fun Hair Facts About My Natural Hair

I'm always asked the question, "How long have you been natural?"  When I answer "most of my life"  I tend to get a side eye like "Yeah, Girl whatever!" but then I'm bombarded with loads of product questions. Even in the moment of skepticism, my "secrets" are still on request for reveal. It's always been a tickling topic to me. Sometimes I have the "basher" (anyone and anything not natural is a problem!), the speudo educator (timelines and posts are their teacher. From their perspective, hairstylist don't know what they're talking about. 0_o) or (my fav) just a woman who likes to talk good haircare.  Many people tend to think that a series spectacular events happen in order for me to achieve the look/s they're inquiring about. Nope! Having been natural most of my life did not exclude me from the trial and error of finding out what works for my hair. However, being a hair professional and product trainer did make the journey a bit easier.  As per some of your inquiries, I thought I'd share a fun fact list of my journey along with my regimen. 

Cheeeeez! 18 months old and afro happy

1.I was a toddler rocking  huge afros. I really appreciate my mother for this. She had me wearing braid outs until first grade and I loved it!
2. As a child I maintained my curls with VASELINE and water. My edges and curls were LAID. I thought I had the secret until I went swimming and my hair turned white. My mother had to wash it out with dish detergent.
3. I've only worn a relaxer for 10yrs of my life (age13-23) *whispers* I'm going on 20yrs natural again. *winks*
4. I love hair color! I keep this strictly professional. 
5. People tend to think my hair is a wig or wig piece. I've been called some colorful names when I've replied "It's my natural hair."   One woman went as far as pointing me out to store patrons "she's a lying *BLEEP*" Geesh! She was mad!
6.There are NO holy grail products in my regimen. I switch up products all the time. When I find something I really like I keep it replenished but I still try other things.
7.My favorite hair tool is the Denman brush. A curly hair gift from the heavens. Amen! 
8. I am not a slave to my hair. 
Bonus fact: My husband usually colors, cuts and blow dries my hair. Who is spoiled? Meeeee!

Me today wearing a Wash and go

Daily:  leave in conditioner/moisturizer. During the summer I use products specific for sun protection.
Weekly: Shampoo and condition. During the winter when my scalp is most dry, I do a bi-weekly scalp treatment.
Monthly: I alternate with deep conditioners according to my hair needs. I usually use a protein reconstructor of some sort every other month.
Bi Monthly: IF I stick to it then this is when I trim my hair. 
Quarterly: Hair color. new or retouch depending on if I'm using permanent or demi permanant. 
Yearly: Once a year I take off about 4 inches.  I don't have a clue as to how that number became the target but for the last 5yrs that's what it has been.  

See! No tricks or special effects. Just two tired arms trying to maintain what is affectionately known as the gorgeous beast.  Are you natural or straight? How do you maintain your healthy hair? Share some of your favorite hair tips below. 



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