Saturday, August 3, 2013

I Chose to Pin and Now I'm Caught in the Pinterest Matrix

Every night, well maybe not every, I find myself feeding my ever growing Pinterest addiction. You know the site where you create themed boards and "pin" pictures inspired by that theme? I hope you're nodding your head yes. If not, please get your pinning life in order, go open an account, and then share the link below so we can support your addiction  creative journey. I understand that some may not have accounts so I share my pins via my Twitter and Facebook .  Why? Because I care and I'm trying to draw you into the pinning matrix. LOL  My friend Azia refers to my love of pinning as Pinterest Rants. She loves them and according to my notifications others share the same sentiment. I started out with five boards and now I have 12 and counting. From Beauty to Food to Entertainers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. One of my most popular boards is called "Let's Go back In Time". It's nostalgic theme lends to good humor, perplexity and jaw dropping astonishment.

 The pictures  below are just a glimpse at the retro foolishness I've come across on the net and my board is better for it. The food ads on the board are just as comical.  I'm so glad I came after the era where mayonnaise seemed to go well on EVERYTHING. You would pass on that as well, right? Good! but don't let it deter you from its comedy greatness. A good laugh is not to be avoided on my board. Take a look...

Offensive? Maybe, depending on the couples sense of humor.
 A funny gift in this era but I'm thinking not so much in the 50's

"Fill your cup to the rim, with Brim"
 I remember seeing this ad when I was a kid. My Nana was a Folger's Coffee drinker so this stuff wasn't allowed anywhere near her "dripper".

This has to be THE funniest picture of 70's men fashion. Hard creased onsies jumpsuits? Really? Ruffled Grape looks like he believes the smile and pose will bring the girls to his cool while Mixed Browns looks like he may have reservations about this whole situation. 

Now with all of this fun awaiting you, won't you join me?
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   What are your favorite things to pin? What are your favorite boards? Leave your Pinterest URL in the comments so we can check you out.


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