Thursday, August 8, 2013

ABC Scandal Recruitment Month: I'm a Gladiator with Questions

Well, here we are again for another session of Scandal Rehab. I told you I would be back on last week. Missed it? Go read about my mishandled feelings. I know you feel the same way and that's why I kept my word and came back to rehab with you. We're in this together. Every time the show comes up in conversation, I just....pheeeeew *rattles hands*    So we are going to talk this out.  As I stated before, I have so many question surrounding Quinn. She's like the golden goose that they're passing off as a naive duckling. I don't buy it! NO! The video came up today and it just further played on to my suspicions. Did you watch it yet?  This is a two for one so pull up a chair.

Let us first take a look, pause, and then stare at Harrison. Yes indeed! CoYUMbus knows he can wear a suit and talk fast. He is ignoring everyone and everything around him because that blackberry is more important. WE DON'T CARE! Gingham less and all we are here for Harrison Wright. Enters Quinn *rolls eyes* Girl,what you won't do is show up acting privileged but looking subsidized and THINK you will disrespect him.  We should have known Quinn was crazy out of the gate. Who rolls up on YUM with such disregard, talking about "I don't do blind dates."  THEN insults him with "You're a baby lawyer. You're twelve years old."  HUH?  She didn't want him to look bad by standing  him up, engages in condescending banter, finds out she has a job, THEN out of the kindness of her heart she sits to let the "baby" buy her a dirty martini.?  LAWD! You see what I'm talking about?  Her loop is fruitless. *sigh*  That aside for the moment.  She applied for a job with THE Olivia Pope? Was this application sent post amnesia? Who applied, Lindsey the law student or Quinn the lawyer? Mmmmmhhhhhmmm Somebody needs to go through Verna's belongings. She would have given us the tea on Ms. Dwyer-Perkins.  How does this tie into Olivia deciding she, Quinn, was worthy of a life time save from a huge murder wrap?  Can we speculate that she was given the job without an interview because they wanted to keep a close eye on protect her? And I think it's interesting that Harrison made reference to Quinn's breathing, Huck did the same thing when he started "training" her. *passes out a few fans cause I know ya'll didn't see that one coming*  Don't sleep on the mighty Quinn. Watch!

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Ok, back to Harry. He was sent out to "interview" Quinn but there is some good information for us to think about since we don't have his backstory yet.
He's 28 yrs old
He STILL uses a Blackberry (but we won't judge him)
His parents are inseparable
He has a habit of giving you a killer smile mid sentence. It's his secret weapon to throw you off your game.
His parents met on a blind date
When he buys a woman dinner then that means he's interested.  Has he sprung for dinner in the last two seasons? Somebody want to take this one?
He generally doesn't lie.
Harrison as you can see is not wearing gingham in this clip. Why? Were things on the mild front?
He is  gladiator in a suit and If you want to be one then say it "I'm a Gladiator in a Suit!"

HAHAHA! It's #ScandalRecruitment Month!

How do you feel about Quinn? Did I deliver on the Ginham fix this week? Who is ready to tune into BET this Saturday, August 10th for a Scandal Marathon? I'll be watching and tweeting.


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