Friday, August 16, 2013

ABC Scandal: From Cowardice to Courageous?


It has taken me one minute and an entire Scandal season later to really sit with this line. As I was watching the Scandal BET marathon on last Saturday, this line struck me like I had never heard it before. I am stunned! Let me tweet, then repeat that one more time: "What kind of coward was I to marry her and not wait for you to show up?" *fans self* Fitz is a BOSS! He is the giver of lip quivers, slow breathes and hot flashes. Undergarments don't stand a chance of staying dry with this kind of macking happening on "The Trail" (S1, Ep106). There are no more words to be spoken so they just hold hands. Sweaty hands. I'm sure. It was during their silence, the line began to marinate.  WOAH! WAIT ONE MINUTE!! Did he say "what kind of coward" as in there are a variety of choices?  Senator Grant's assertion of his cowardice behavior was more profound than we knew at that time. In one line this man desperately exhales "I settled, Courage is difficult for me, I need love, and I want every inch of YOU." GEESH! Instant heat and passion aside, what's a woman to do with that confession?  I'll take feed the passion for one thousand Alex.! Nooooo This is Olivia Pope! She will do what comes natural: fix him. She thinks he needs her and no matter the pain she is all in. Liv's perception on love is one minute past cracked, it's broken.

"One Minute" is more than just feeding the feel good, it's a brief moment of courage for Fitz.  The courage to live, love, and be loved in that moment. This courage allows him to reveal vulnerabilities which have been masked for years. We can surely blame his father Big Jerry for that.  Olivia would never use his character flaws against him for her own personal gain.  Liv unlike everyone else, doesn't have an agenda (although I feel she is someone else's. That's why she was sent in. *coughs* Rowan!) therefore she doesn't fight Fitz for what's best for her. She totally gets her cowardly lion. She believes in his greatness. He's strong, attractive, passionate and he has "superpowers". Olivia professed "I will eat, sleep, drink Fitzgerald Grant" and as my girl Awesomely Luvvie said "He surely ate Liv Pope"  Yes, indeed! Reciprocity has never looked so good in 60 seconds. The problem is, when they surpass that time span everything gets messy and the revelation remains the same.  Fitzgerald Grant is still a coward.

As promised, here is your Harrison fix. He is skeptical about this line too.

What do you think? Was I too harsh on Fitz? This is what happens during a long break and a stint in rehab. I may have a change of opinion next week. Give it to me Gladiators. What's your take on this line?


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