Friday, August 2, 2013

A Better Breakfast On The Go Happens The Right Way With Special K's Nourish

Breakfast wasn't always an easy commitment for me some years ago but after I had children things changed. Morning talks and laughs over a good breakfast have made for some of our best funny stories. Nothing beats a hot homemade breakfast but sometimes due to scheduling we need something quick, HEALTHY, and filling. Special K Nourish Hot Cereal  is a smooth mix of multi grains with added nuts and berries.  I was a little apprehensive to try because I've never been a fan of instant anything, ESPECIALLY hot cereal. It tends to taste chalky and the visual presentation reminiscent of a bad batch of  lumpy preschool paste just turns my stomach. Still against my better judgement I try to tweak it and I end up feeling like "I should have just made a pot from scratch." *dumps instant travesty into trash* Hmmmph!

Time passes and...

K Nourish arrives at my house( via BzzAgent) with a successful attempt at piquing my interest. "Looking for a nourishing start to your day?" "Eat right, not less. Less than 200 calories plus superfoods like quinoa, oats, wheat, and barley".  Well, Yes! and OK! I put on some water to boil, sliced up some peaches and made a quick decision on which flavor to try first.
KNourish cereal l-r: Maple Brown sugar Crunch, Cranberry Almond, Cinnamon Raisin Pecan
KNourish nutrition bars t-b: Cranberry Almond, Lemon Twist, Dark Chocolate Nut Delight

I decided to give the Cranberry Almond a try. As you can see from the picture below, the cereal thickens up quite nicely.  Plump cranberries and almonds are plentiful so you get some in every spoonful.  My teen kept hovering around "Hey Mom, whatcha eatun'? It smells good." *leans in to get a good look" "Oatmeal? A new oatmeal? Is it good? You care to let me taste it?" LOL This kid! After all questions where answered to his satisfaction, the end result was "TEEN DEVOURS MOM'S HOT CEREAL" and his two word review for you is "It's Amazing!" He has since tried to eat the other two flavors and all of the nutrition bars. Since we are a family that likes to laugh together more than being mad at each other, we have shared this KNourish experience together. 

K Nourish Cranberry Almond steeped at 3min (bottom left) and 5min (bottom right)

K Nourish will definitely find it's way back into our kitchen. The Nutrition bars aren't bad but myself nor my family eat them much.  I'm more of a traditional hard granola bar kind of girl and these bars are softer., moderately sweet (which I like!) with a slight crunch. The Dark Chocolate Nut Delight is trying to convert me and that Teenager I mentioned earlier may be on its side. Here's the deal, if you put cashews and dark chocolate on the same ingredient list, call it healthy (and mean it!) and successfully make it taste good then you win me over a a consumer. Ssssshhhh don't tell the boy child I surrendered. He'll know the outcome on the next trip to the grocery store. 
This is a good brownie alternative for those on a weight management regimen.

What's your on the go breakfast option? Have you seen Special K Nourish on the shelves yet?  I surrendered to dark chocolate ya'll, wouldn't you?

*product sent via BZZAgent for review consideration.


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