Sunday, August 4, 2013

Revolving: Every Action Comes Back Around

As I was perusing my Facebook newsfeed I came across the above post written by Carmen B from It's a topic I've heard and read about repeatedly over this past month. 

I used to think confronting these types of people would put everything in check but that's not always the case. Let's be honest, some people will never take responsibility for their wrongs so with that I leave you with my response to Carmen's post:

Dear Receiver of this treatment, 
Please understand and believe that the perpetrator's gratification will only render a very short return on what looks like glory.  I know it stings, ESPECIALLY when they post or talk about a success publicly and you know the truth. Oh! and when they polish up the public announcement with a church stomp and the admonishing of  THE Giver of ALL blessings, it just grinds your gears. Yup, I know. False advertising ticks me off too. This behavior is a returning gift unto themselves.  It will not come wrapped pretty nor will it be gently delivered. Pray for them because the repercussion drums WILL sound!!

Recovered and Victorious 

Special thanks to Carm for this inspired post. 

Have a blessed Sunday Gorgeous Ones!


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